Tuesday, October 07, 2008



Lorrie Veasey said...

CONGRATS TO OUR WINNERS!!! Please email me with your shipping addresses!!!

kwr221 said...

Yay!!!! Go Blue and Talk Jockey!

For some reason, I have this urge to sing the Blues Clues ditty.

Anyone else?

zakary said...

Hilarious! I had no idea you and Al were so close. :)

soulmoxie said...

You never cease to amaze me.

Blue said...

O holy heck! (that'd be what the natives in utah say)

For real! Are you sure you didn't rig it...cause that comment about Al seeing Utah all the way from his house was pretty odd timing (where is he again? dark side of the moon? cause i hear that's a pretty energy efficient place, and likely the only unpopulated spot in the galaxy big enough for his humble abode. i digress).

So exciting. The Talk Jockey will be thrilled, as soon as I can get hold of him. I think he's busy with another audition...this time for the SYTYCD show.

♥ to Lorrie, SexyHusbandOyourn', and Al Gore.

PS: I'll send in the where-to info!

Racie Lover said...

I'm just glad you did not get Sarahcuda to make the prize announcement. I just could not take that on top of not winning or having my nominee BJ win. Having said that, congrats to the Talk Jockey. I'm sure he will use them in good health.

Tonight while Paco and I are watching the debate I'm sure my thoughts will stray on how to finally win one of your lovely mugs. Perhaps the next contest could involve hanging chads.

Debra W said...

That is so funny, Lorrie. I was wondering why Al Gore was staring at me while I was reading your latest post.

Somehow I missed your contest, but I am so glad that sweet Blue won for her blog friend!


Le @ Third on the Right said...

hee hee - my broadband must not be too broad as each time SHOM said " and the winner is ..." it stopped !!

very creative dear one ! le

Blue said...

And now the video is currently unavailable. Have you used up all your available Blogger space Miz Lorrie? How am I to show off to Doc the big win?

hope it returns soon! but no pressure, of course. I know Mr.Sexyhusbandoyourn is a busy guy too.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Promise you the contest was not rigged: however can't deny that posting 100 times did not somehow impact the results a leeeetle bit. Thanks everybody for playing. Another giveaway coming soon.

Talk Jockey said...

Woohoo! I lost on American and Afgan Idol, but I'm a winner here!! Thanks!