Friday, January 16, 2009

FRiDaY MuD GiVeaWaY: CaTS!

It has been a busy, busy week, chickens! I'd like to just curl up beside a heater like this. That's Lenny. I obviously took him home because he matched the floor. If you match your cat to your linoleum, you'll never have to sweep again: shedding becomes a form of free-floating carpet.

In honor of those of you who are FeLiNe THe CaT LeRVe, today's giveaway features some of OUR NAME IS MUD's best-selling gifts for cat lovers.

* Three winners will be chosen at random on Monday. Your chances of winning are tripled, right?
* One entry per person
* We named Lenny after a character in the book OF MICE AND MEN who was one sandwich short of a picnic: because Lenny is one of the dumbest most mentally challenged cats ever to pad across the planet. In the comments section below, tell me about the name you chose for your cat. (And by cat I mean four legged feline, so please spare me the euphamisms, Thystle please.)

Here's what you can win:

Our CATfeinnated mug is purrrrrrrfect for coffee or tea. You can also win this:

Because everyone knows cats are like potatoe chips. And finally-how about this one:

Which leads me back to my original topic--which was sleep. LOTS OF IT. Happy Friday everyone!


Bj in Dallas said...

Is the DOG giveaway next Friday?
I guess I could talk about Nick, the cremated cat that lives in my office in a nice box...he was 18 years of sheer terror....named for Nick Faldo, the British Golfer, for no good reason at all.

Miss Thystle said...

I resent the implication that I would talk about Australia in your comments.

When I was a child we had a cat called Deschutes. As in the river. Because we stole him from a barn at a guest ranch in Sisters, Oregon that was right on the Deschutes river. Then drove 9 hours with him yowling his head off and trying to forcibly curl himself around my fathers DENIM cowboy hat (that was on his head at the time) as we covered our ears in the back of the '79 station wagon with the hawaiian print curtains in the windows.

Then, when we got home, he promptly rolled in dog poop and we wanted to call him "Stinky Poop Cat" but my mother wouldn't let us, because mothers are weird like that and instead called him Chutsie. Which is much less clever, IMO.

And I should get a prize for the longest comment. For example, a mug that says "Verbose"!

sheila said...

Many cats in my childhood, one we named Squeeker. Because she did not meow, she squeeked.

This cat LOVED sweets. She would open a cupboard & eat through tin foil, plastic wrap & a ziploc bag to get to sweet rolls. Also, she drooled if she knew there were Fig Netwons around.

She was a good kitten!

She used to tear thru my Mom's house at least twice a day, for no reason.

Tracy said...

Many years ago I picked out an adorable baby black cat with a white patch on his face and all 4 paws - so I named her Mitsy.

Unfortunately "she" turned out to be a "he" and a psychotic one at that. My mom swears it's because I gave him a girl name.

Currently we have 2 cats: Google, so named because when we got her my then 3yo daughter said that she had "googly" eyes. The newest is a little siamese guy we've nursed back to health, whom we've named Dusty (because he always looks dusty, and he WON'T stay out of the garbage can).

If we have a choice, I'd LOVE the DECATF cup... :)

Spatula said...

Squee, cat givaway! For a second there, I thought you were giving away the floor-matching fattie :-D

My cat's name is Meeka. It combines the sounds she makes when hungry and fronting like the saddest orphan on the planet, and the fact that she is meek and geeky.

I also call her Koza (Russian for she-goat), Sooslik (badger? I think), Kosha-Kartosha (potato cat), My Little Whale and Mikoochus (rhymes with tuchus).

Logical Libby said...

I have a cat named Rita. When I got a second cat I named her Maggie. Together they are MaggieRita. Get it?

Yeah, I'm a drunk...

Jennifer said...

Our cat's name is Cali. There's nothing really creative about it. It was the name she had when we adopted her from a feline rescue society. However, we did change the way it was spelled. They had it down as "Callie". Our daughter Shannon didn't like that and thought it should be "Cali" as in "I'm going back to Cali".

Yes. My kid used an LL Cool J song when it came to spelling our cat's name. That's how she rolls.

kwr221 said...

OMG, pick me, PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, I haven't won in a looonnnnngggggg time. :batting eyelashes:::


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all 3 of those mugs and I am a MAJOR cat lover, so much that I almost purr. I shed, too. Really. And I'm a MAJOR coffee drinker.

ANyway, I've had many cats over the years, once as many as 5 at once. If I weren't married, I would SO be the crazy cat lady. I've had Rascal, Philly, Bullwinkle, Gizmo, Mr. Magoo, Ebony (2), Twill, Inga, and now Toby and Koala.

Toby and Koala joined our family on December 26, 2007. THEY chose us at the shelter. Their names are the ones they had when we met them. That's what my kids wanted.

Toby would definitely challenge your Lenny in a DUmb-Off, and might possibly win. Koala is much too sophisticated to join our reindeer games and just looks at us with disdain. She has abandoned her job of being my foot-warmer and taken up permanent residence in DD's bed.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I "that person" who deathly affraid of cats. It's so weird. I think the fear can be traced back to childhood... I'm seriously allergic to them so my mom was always yelling "STAY AWAY! DON'T GO NEAR!"... so I was never around them. I have nightmares about them scratching my eyes out. Srsly.

PearlsOfSomething said...

My cats are named Phil and Lil. You know, like the Rugrat twins.

The woman who gave them to us (more like I took them b/c she was a moron who obviously had no idea how to care for newborn kittens) said they were male and female.

Turns out, poor Lil was simply... not anatomically impressive. We had our suspicions, but it took the vet to confirm that we needed two neuterings and not a neuter and a spay.

The kids tried to change Lil's name, but we couldn't break the habit. Most of the time, we refer to him as "she", anyway.

He/she/it isn't a very friendly cat, either. Poor Lil.

I hope I win so I can be one step closer to opening my Mud display to the public. I think it's pretty impressive so far!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We don't have cats now, but we had a pretty black and white sweetie who we named "Noodles". She was named after a line in the movie "Pink Flamingos" directed by John Waters. In the movie, one couple keeps girls chained up in their basement and their butler, Chandler impregnates them. They then sell the babies to lesbian couples to fund their inner city heroin ring. A couple comes to pick up their baby and they are thrilled. One lesbian says to the other "Baby, if you're happy, I'm happy. It's just me, you and now, Baby Noodles." How's that for twisted?

SassyPants said...
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SassyPants said...

I don't have a cat, but I once had a teeny tiny mutt of a dog who acted like one.

I actually named him Owen, after A Prayer for Owen Meany (which I mentioned in my last post...OMG I'm that person).

But he was itty bitty just like Owen and had one of the most annoying barks ever to fall on mans ears. I could trust him as a guard dog because he would basically just annoy potential burglers away.

Debbie said...

We name our cats after characters in the Narnia books since those are our family favorites. We currently have Lucy (who is just as sweet as the Lucy in the series) and Bree (who's full name is Bree Hee Hinny Whinny Hoeey Ha for those of you familiar with the books). She's crazy. And we used to have Mr. Tumnus but sadly, he passed away.

Bj in Dallas said...

I also knew a cat named Bill Wilson. And thats what they called it, not Bill, not Wilson,
always Bill Wilson. He was a huge arrogant male that just stared at you like you were in his way no matter what he was doing. Cool cat.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

We adopted a 10 yr old fatty Siamese who came with the name Tootsie Lou, but she seemed too dignified (and a little British) to be a Tootsie Lou, so I added Margaret Louise Thatcher for a total of Margaret Louise "Toosie Lou" Thatcher Roth.

And we have an entertaining orange guy (to the void in my child's heart when I finally convinced him to sell his dog), named Milo Schrodinger Roth.

Milo likes to chew on Margret Thatcher's tail.

Jane! said...

We used to have LeeRoy, because he was such a nerd and Tink, who was small, cute and a bit evil.

Currently in residence are Turbo, whose purr-motor can be heard in Wyoming and Grace, who was the most UN-coordinated kitten.

I have the perfect dog to match your floor. But you can't have her.

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

AWWW! What a sweet giveaway! Well, i used to "share" a cat with my friends! It was back in high school and it was black and white.. so it was called "oreo" it seemed like a suitable name!

Hope i win something! I'll love that cup for a cup of hot chocolate!


Nadine Hightower said...

I have 6.
Scooter...we like motorcycles. And he runs like the wind thru the house as a kitten.
Monster...You have know him.
Manny...After Gina's Cat Manny and the Pep Boys. Manny Moe and Jack
Jax...the last PepBoy
Woobie...becuz everyone should have a woobie.

George....To be exact..George Herbert Walker.
After that prez...the HW part.

But George...
Roy thinks me odd that I would name my pets after people.
"So what boyfriend did you name that cat after?"
"I named him after the love of my life."
He started to pout. His heart was breaking right before me.
It was so sad.
"You big idiot! What does your uncle call you???"
His lip stopped quivering and he started smilin'...."George."


Chandra said...

I'v had several cats in my lifespan...but the four that I will mention are:

Back in the early 90's the show Ren and Stimpy was very my roomate and I named our cats after them.

About ten years ago after my husband and I got married we adpopted two kittens from my girlfriend. We named them Oliver and Dodger...from the Disney movie "Oliver and Co"...

Pretty lame...but it's all I got!

supah ~d said...

We've got Rudy: for Rudy Giuliani... got him right after 9-11.

Chloe.. should have named her cross eyed cow cause she's "special." IN so many ways. They both enjoy the outdoors now because they broke the first commandment many years ago... thou shalt not cat piss in my house.

Dont' fret Pita peoples.. they are housed and warm ..with access to outside. :)

blairspage said...

Hi Lorrie!

Our cats name is Jazzy. See, when we first picked him out we thought he was a girl. WRONG! When I took him in to get spayed we ended up with a neuter... which was okay because it was cheaper!

Then, we had a stray show up that eats his food and hisses at me every time I go out to feed them. (yes, they stay outside to fend off mice)... anyway... my daughter named this cat the "Other Jazzy" because they look alike!

Hugs - Tiff

kenju said...

I DO like your cat stuff!

My two black cats are named Storm and Eclipse (whom we call Clipsie). Luckily their personalities are sunnier than their names would indicate!

Past cats are: Fluffer, Sneaky, Snoozy, Ping, Snowball (we didn't name him) and Stormy.

OHN said...

Damn! Our cat is 8 (we think), is it too late to rename him something cool enough to win?

How about his story...maybe that will move you.

Nine winters ago my sons were sledding and when they called to have me pick them up, they asked if a friend could come home too...being the loving mom I am, I said sure and was slightly stunned when I arrived at the sledding hill and saw their friend was inside sons coat and had 4 legs. He had been stuck in a tree and oldest son (12 at the time) climbed the tree and rescued the kitty who was freezing, skinny and terrified. We hid him in my office for 3 days before we told husband. My neighbor gave me cat food, I made a late night run for a litter box, we called 13 vets and shelters and nobody wanted him. By then we had fallen in love and we named him Bow (it was December) then changed it to Bo cause Bow was to girly according to my boys.
As I write this he is sprawled all over my desk under my lamp.

Next time I will tell you about Putter...our dead cat. His meower was broken and he puttered like a broken engine..hence the name Putter.

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Our cat is Tabitha... because, uh, well, because she's a tabby cat! And yes, she gets called Tabby for short! But usually it's the full "Tabitha Cat". Sometimes we call her Peeping Tab because she likes to look in the windows to see what we're doing in the house when she's outside. She'll even tap on the window with her paw if she thinks we haven't noticed her. Cats are so funny!

Ginny said...

Our cat is named Melissa. It is actually my brothers cat & he named her after a girl he liked, lol.

I had a Tabitha, it was my first cat. I named her after Bewitched because I loved that show. If I hadn't of done that, I'd have named my first daughter that, lol.

Rachael said...

Count me in for the drawing!

Our cat is a black and white cat named: Spot. That is what happens when you tell a five year old boy that he gets the grand honors of naming the next family pet.

janell berryman artist-owner said...

We have...
Bill. Whopping 22 lbs...
Pumpkin, Boo (nut case), Mannie the man cat, Spanky-doo the drooler, Layla (our halloween kitty), Yoshi (as old as dirt) and Dora. I think that covers it. Some outside kitties and a few inside kitties. All rescued. All dearly loved. Well, with one exception... Boo. Something went sideways when this kitty was born.

rpc said...

I'm allergic to cats, and so is my son. My sister-in-law's cat is called Boris, normally known as Bozza. When we go to stay he is banished from the house. He sits outside the window giving me filthy looks, and tries to shoot into the house every time the door is opened.

My daughter loves cats (and all other animals). When she leaves home I know she is going to get lots of cats. I keep telling her that I won't be able to visit her, but maybe that is part of the attraction.

The Kitchen said...

SO many cats - SO many names!!
Footprint - cuz he had white paws. Jag - coz she looks like a sleek jaguar. Jinxie - after the cat in Meet The Parents. Princess - My daughter named her - of course! Domino - coz he's black and white. Sammy - coz we picked him up fromt he SPCA on July 4th (Uncle Sam!)
XOXO, Momma

Mambinki said...

Okay, so I am a cat lady and a coffee drinker. I recently tried to stop drinking coffee for one week and felt a miserable aching in my chest similar to the ache I encounter when I find that my cat, Cuphead has crapped on the floor again. I've diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder (not due to me, but her previous life).

So I have always had cats, usually 2 at a time, which I feel is a nice number. However, years ago I moved in with my then-boyfriend and his cat, Batman so with my 2 cats that made THREE CATS. There is a tradition in his family to give the cats a spoon of wet food (crack) each morning. This was started by his mother, which scared me when I considered what she would do to her possible future grandchildren, filling them with cheetos at 5 am each day and whatnot.

The cats wanted the food earlier and earlier every morning. There were 3 cats throwing themselves at the door each morning, pathetically meowing and begging. By the time we hit 5 am, I started opening the door and sprayed them with water. They learned to run from the door when I did this, then when I got back into warm and comfy bed, they proceeded with running into the door.

So I took our giant vacuum cleaner, complete with a big light in the front and set it in front of the bedroom door. I switched the vacuum to 'On' but didn't plug it in. The cord went into my room. SO, when the cats started their end of the world meowing for their Mixed Grill, I simply took that plug and shoved it into the wall. Without the door even opening, the vacuum started up, fiercely sucking with its bright light. The cats were TERRIFIED. I opened the door to see their reaction, one was so scared he ran into the wall as he scurried ed away from the vacuum.

They stopped begging for the Mixed Grill each morning after that and once that man and I broke up, I gladly told my two cats that there would be no more morning time wet food, only boring old good-for-your-teeth hard food. I also do not have to worry about my future children eating twinkies and drinking pop right after they wake up, thanks to his mother. Phew!

The End.

Janet said...

I'm so relieved that you're not giving away the actual cat. She matches the floor so well you'd have a hard time replacing her! Plus, our cats would be jealous if I were lucky enough to win another real, live cat.

Two of our cats joined the family when they were already mature and the names they came with are Tigger (truly- I wouldn't do that to a cat if he didn't already know the name) and Wolfie (I wouldn't do that to an animal either). Our latest addition is Holly (she came to live with us right before Christams). The kids call Holly either Goofball or Kitten.

Le @ third on the right said...

meow ... I am the dog - but these are so cute and funny I might have to turn to the dark side ... le xoxo

bison61 said...

we have one cat-the kids think he looks like Garfield but decided to name him Seifer

tiramisu392 (at)

cdziuba said...

This might sound strange, but I named my cat Karl because he was the ugliest kitten, he had a big pug nose like Karl Malden. He grew up to be quite handsome.

Mama said...

Cat love here - **waves**

my cats are felix and tatsu. they absolutely hate each other. we have forced them to live with each other so far for the last 6 years. listening to them fight with each other is enough for me to want to tear my hair out! but a nice cup of tea in one of these mugs would certainly help me to relax.

samf36 said...

Our cats are Bob and Smokey. Their very worse habit is when the sleep with me and hog the bed.

LJ said...

I have 2 cats -- Gizmo and Kismet.

I named Gizmo at first cause I liked the name, but I have found he is just like the Gremlin character in many ways. He can be very cute, loving and cuddly on HIS terms, but then if he gets upset, he will behave similar to the creatures that the cute gremlin turned into when they got wet. LOL

I adopted Kismet from a cat rescue organization. I just really thought she was beautiful and I wanted Gizmo to have some companionship. Kismet was not her first name, but she didn't respond to the name I was given, so I decided to change it. I had seen the name Kismet somewhere, liked the meaning of the word and it went well with the name Gizmo. So there you have it.

Thanks for the giveaway! said...

Dusty and Peanut are our cats...and I'm pretty sure Dusty is dumber than yours :-) said...

ooh, your giveaway may have saved their lives; just reminded me to call them in from the cold (about 22 degrees now). Sorry to leave 2 comments, disregard this one from the giveaway :-)

guru said...

Miss Bella Ella is currently sitting on the back of my chair watching me type. She was named after a character in a book, too. Bella in Twilight. My daughter loves the series. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the snooze button cup! How true.

kathy55439 said...

those are great mugs..... I have a barn cat we call Gray Cat... He is getting less acard of the kids and they are getting less scard of him too

maple said...

Moo Goo Guy Pan is her full name
but we call her Nini as in Moo Goo Guy watch some Hollywood starlett steal this name for her offspring.

saphyress said...

My last two cats are Sugar and Curry. They were very skittish as they had been living on their own, so I spent the first couple days calling to the female under the bed 'come here, sugar, it's ok, sugar...'. Then thought, well, sugar and spice makes sense, the male is an orange tabby, what's an orangy color spice.

Megan said...

Not being the real creative bunch that we are, my family had a cat named Kitty.

Everyone laughed, but it worked out really well when we'd call 'Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!'

Other than that, we are total dog people, but none named Doggie, oddly enough.


well our last cat thought she was a dog and hung around the dogs and brought us not mice but rabbits after she ate some of it- yours looks alot nicer

Karla said...

Mittens is my cat, the most cat name ever I'm sure :-) but she's also the sweetest