Friday, April 03, 2009

A MiLLioNaiRe PuTS HiS LiPS On Me (oK, My MuG)

I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo last night because it is television crack I am personally so concerned with the Plight of The Millionaire Male. Chickens, wake up and get involved! These poor unloved Richie Riches could end up in Really Expensive Nursing Homes with only 3 or 4 private nurses dressed in candystriper outfits--I think this is a cause we can ALL get behind.

One of the episodes I watched last night featured Millionaire Alex Edelstein. There I was, thinking how freeking loaded nice and smart and worthy of True Love he was, when what do I spot on his desk but THIS:

I made that mug about a bazillion years ago, Chickens! What a thrill to know that a man like Alex, who can have the finest of the fine, drinks from a mug I made EVEN THOUGH IT HAS A HONKING CHIP IN IT.

I immediately emailed him and asked for a loan told him I would repair his mug, but what I really want to do is fix him up with my sister. If I had a sister who was single, that is. And I offered that out of the hope he would give me something from Tiffanys goodness of my heart. Those poor, poor Millionaires: can't find love and have to drink out of chipped mugs. I think we will need to start a For Profit. Who's with me?

Note: Everyone who commented in the post below and suggested blog topics gets a little sumpin sumpin. Because the coffee man was feeling very generous this morning and I have LOTS of stuff. You are all winners! Email me your mailing address at l v mud at a o l dot c o m.


The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

How cool is that seeing something you made being used on TV !!!!! Awesome.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Oh man, how awesome is that!? My camera is broken right now and I am deeply saddened - but when it's fixed, I'm going to do a blog post of all of your stuff that can be found throughout my house :) Your shiz is everywhere!

Miss Thystle said...

(twists of wedding ring) I can't believe you forgot me, your favorite sister! Who is (damn ring won't come off; pass the butter) single!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

a man with exceedingly good taste, obviously. . . : )

tjames said...

Ya know, you can let him know I'm single.... :)

Nonnee said...

Just how old is he?

Racie Lover said...

He's obviously in touch with his feminine side or he wouldn't have that mug sitting on his gold-plated desk. He also has a sense of humor and is self-effacing. The fact that he also has At Least One Million Dollars in the bank doesn't hurt, either.

Hey, I've got the perfect girl for him: BJ!

Lorrie, please email him right now and give him her cell #. She can personally deliver a brand new mug to him.

Chandra said...

The TV God's wanted you to see that show obviously! I would get excited too, about the millionare looking for love as well as the cup!

Nadine Hightower said...

well that's just way too cool!!

and I've been meaning to get over and tell you that I agree with you about people that comment in their own blogs. It took me forever to figure that I had to go back to blog to see what the deal was and why they didn't answer me!! ForEVER!! Once I caught on and Blogger added that "Email follow-up comments to me" I can now keep up with the whole thing....Hee Haw.

Bj in Dallas said...




Guess you were too excited about pottery, which, I'll try to understand. I'm more inclined to get excited about St. Tropeil and Diamonds. But thats just me.

Jennifer said...

If I had been you, I would have plotzed all over the place when I saw that mug.

Spatula said...

Your post moved me so. I am feeling charitable, and would like to suggest that you fix him up with ME. :-D

GiGi said...

That's cool. I saw your shop, I think, on an old episode of Law & Order a few weeks was in the days when Jerry Orbach was on the show (I loved that guy!), and they were in the store. BTW, on the millionaire show - the dates sometimes make *me* feel so awkward that *I* want get up and leave (or at least change the channel).

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

That is so cool!! How fun!

I remember last Thanksgiving we were at the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon, browsing the gift shop there and I saw a whole display of your mugs! I told my husband, "I know the gal that makes these!!" (Well, sort of, I do... We're blog buddies, right?)

Debbie said...

I feel a little brush with fame everytime you or one of your readers spots your pottery like that. Now, why I feel the brush, I'm not sure. But, it makes me happy and let's leave it at that.

Rachael said...

How cool is that?!

BTW, I have one of your mugs too. I've been eating cereal and drinking coffee out of it for years, it is one of my faves. And...wait for has a chip in it too.

kip said...

Nonnee I'm going to pretend like I did not read that.

Anonymous said...










Katie and Da Katz said...

Dat is furry goods!! Your mug waz dehr!!!

Yay! Weze found out bout your company cuz a frind sent our Mommy a Catfienated mug. Hur likes it furry much cuz itz got a tuxie cat and its purple!!

Katie Ann Kitty Too
(I wike roses)

Steph said...

That is very cool Lorrie- Congrats!

pogonip said...


jenX67 said...

That is so funny! I fond one of your cups - just like the Goddess cup, only it says PRINCESS - at a thrift store in OKC. I bought it. I said the same thing to my daughter that I said to her when we saw your Thanksgiving nad Football stuff at Hallmark: "My friend made this stuff."

She gave me a blank stare.

JULIETTE: "You're kidding! You know the person who made that? Who is it? How do you know them?

ME: "Don't ask so many questions. I have famous friends all over the world, I mean, Internet. hahaha!!

jenX67 said...

p.s. Lorrie - will u look at this piece of pottery i bought at the same junk store a couple weeks ago? Is this junk or a find? (Scroll down.)

kwr221 said...

Lorrie, you are cooler than cool. :-D

Do you need my address again? ;-)

PS, did I mention I love you?
Don't worry, it's just a girl crush.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool.

And hey, the chip shows that it's actually used. And cared for/about enough that (even though he clearly has the money) it hasn't been replaced.

As for comment replies (since that subject was brought up above)... I'm from LJ. Comments are displayed a little differently there, and maybe that's what makes the difference. Or maybe it's site culture. Or blog intent.

Anyway, I reply to just about every comment in my blog because it generally seems impolite not to. If someone takes the time to come over and say something, it doesn't seem right not to at least acknowledge it.

Then again, I'm not a successful artist or any other kind of public figure. I don't get a dozen or more comments on every entry.

Point is... it's not about making myself artificially look more popular. It's about being a good host. And about continuing the conversation. (Which, as usual, I've done at greater length than originally intended/envisioned.)

Moving on (or perhaps back)... sorry I didn't comment last post, but I'm too tired this week to come up with topics for someone else's blog. (But hey, you've got my address anyway.)


kwr221 said...

"plotz all over the place" lol, I think I love Jennifer, too.

Tori said...

I came across your blog from the "Our Name Is Mud" website, and I have to say that you had me laughing out loud! Just for that, I am going to have to go back and buy one of your mugs. :)

By the way, I love that these are made totally lead free. I have been looking for a new mug for a while, but was having a hard time finding one that specified it was lead-free. Hand-crafted and lead free? Awesome!!

Anonymous said...













david kramer said...

Totally excellent Product placement!
And how funny that must have been when you saw it...I hope you didn't spill your drink!

Ruby said...

Lorrie, you're such a saint and all, reaching out to help this poor millionaire!

I agree, BJ should be #1 on your list!

zakary said...

That is so awesome! Now, I do have a sister. Actually, I have tow, but my younger one is batshit crazy. My twin sister would be perfect for this here millionaire. She's a lawyer in DC. If he emails you back, we need to set this up.

Jane! said...

That is really exciting!
No one famous ever looks at one of my reports.... or spreadsheets.

I do find myself looking at the bottoms of mugs that I see in stores. There sure are a lot of Muddish looking wannabes out there.

Bj in Dallas said...

Dear Zak
I posted my comment first. Tell your sister to get in line.

Thank you Ruby. If I ever date a millionaire, I will also Plotz.

wheres Kreg? Oh I know, he's over at my blog using the p word in the comment section just so Super D can call me and say 'who is this Kreg person'?

Anonymous said...










kwr221 said...

Okay, what's up with all these anonymous Japanese comments?

or are they Chinese?