Thursday, June 11, 2009

PoST # 486

Helllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooo Chickkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns.
That is me calling out from the ginormous hole I am in. And you know that the first thing you need to do when you find yourself deep in a hole is to STOP DIGGING.

And so here is a guest post by BJ from Don't Overthink It.:

I was recently told to read "Who Moved My Cheese" because apparently, I am again, behind the entire population of the reading industry. No, I had not read it, I know, what a 'reading' loser, but I have had 'thangs to do' and it had not magically appeared on my nightstand.

So, I have purchased and started reading it. But I keep thinking, I have plenty of cheese, who moved my Chardonnay? I am not one to complain, you may not agree when you realize who is writing this, but give me a break, I have had all of the major life situations happen to me in the last 10 months. Lets review:
1. Divorce
2. Death
3. Loss of job

Yup, thats me. And I still can write this blog without spell check or mascara. Woo Hoo! I tell my friends when they call to check on me that I am vertical and have makeup on, so I think that is a good day. If I can teach my daughter and anyone else, resilience, I am the poster child that will keep on keepin on.

Now, my BFF that I've never laid eyes on, someone that I have a picture of in my kitchen and may or may not recognize in a dark bar, said I could write a blog for her for five bucks and 700 words or less, is either really desperate or really busy with her mudd issues and needs another guest blogger. So since I'm a team player, and would like floor space when I show up unannounced at her door, I decided I would send her this note..........

Here's a quote from Who Moved My Cheese: read on, and please keep in mind we never know what any day will bring.

Life is no straight and easy corridor along
which we travel free and unhampered, but a maze of passages, through which
we must seek our way, lost and confused, now and again, checked in a blind alley.

But always, if we have faith, a door will open for us,
not perhaps one that we ourselves would ever have thought of,
but one that will ultimately,
prove good for us

I think I like that alot....


Please go give guestblogger BJ some love here. BJ is available to guest blog for a small fee, made payable to me. Because I am the Huggy Bear of Blogger.


Blue said...

for a moment i was confused and thought that LORRIE had experienced divorce, death and loss of job in the past 10 months. after i used the AED to restart my heart, i realized my error. then i felt bad for BJ but happy for Lorrie.

i can sorta relate to the feelings expressed. i haven't read the cheesy book who's really the biggest loser? but i've had "stuff" this past year. so i'm okay with not being in the "i read the cheese book" club.

hang in there! thanks for sharing.

PS: lorrie, you always come up with the best images! ♥

Miss Thystle said...

If you're the HuggyBear of blogger, can I be the Mr. T?

Chandra said...

Nice post. :)

Jen said...

Great quote. I think I like it a lot too.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I have never heard of this cheese book. And I also like the quote.
I am sorry about your year BJ. I had only heard about your job. I hope the rest of the year starts to turn around for the better.

rpc said...

Does the fact that BJ has experienced death make her a ghost writer?

Ruby said...

Yea for having BJ guest post!


Jane! said...

Wait just a chicken pickin' minute.... You got paid $5???

Or did you have to PAY her $5? I'm confused so let's just leave it at that - me believing that you had to PAY to guest post.

Anyway, BJ, you did an excellent job. I am totally motivated.... to go look for some cheese. Some chedda would be dang skippy right now.

jen said...

many years ago, i knew an artist who raised sheep and worked with wool, but 8 to 5 worked for the government. unbelievably, her job was "abolished" (wink-wink) and she was out. of course, it was a bit of a set up to get rid of her b/c you can't really fire anyone in govt. but, anyway, she read that book. she knew her job was playing, and she was really hurt. but, she took all that energy and she took all that sheep wool and she made everyone that year for Christmas a mouse Christmas tree ornament. and, she wrote everyone a thoughtful card. now, every year i think of her, and so does everyone else who kept the mouse and opens their Christmas junk from year to year.

great post. salutation is the best.