Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Banana LOVES Bacon. She wants to grow up and marry bacon, and have little sausage links. Bananna will be turning the Big Six in September, and I have already started shopping for her birthday-because you know how hard it is to buy for little girls. Especially little girls who like Meat Candy.

I headed right for the search engine at ETSY. First, I bought her this fabulous Happy Bacon Necklace

For only Eight Bucks at a great etsy shop called sacredflesh.. It is all kinds of awesome, given that bacon is one of the most BEAUTIFUL THINGS ON EARTH. And of course, if you're gonna have the necklace, you gotta have this bacon's to fry for.

This is from a little shop called Diffraction. which is full of great photographic jewelry and prints. The bacon looks so real it will make your mouth water, imagine the sound of it frying which sounds oddly like applause...YAY BACON.
Then I got her something warm and delicious to sleep with at night....

From a funtastic store called Larksmoon. This item is awesome--a substantial piece of plush bacon--and that's great because you know how in real life, you fry up a pound of the stuff and end up with a bookmark.

That's what I have purchased for her so far--very crispy, dontcha think? Here are other items I am considering:
Here are some Bacon Magnets

$4.99 at DesignDude.

How about wrapping yourself in some bacon? It's what chefs do to make other foods taste better, after all. It's not like we would gobble down waterchestnuts without it.

$29.95 at PoorCollegeStudent.

A piece of POCKET BACON. Don't leave home without it.

A Bargain at $3.50 from a shop called Spidercamp
How about some bacon and egg soap?

A good way to get clean if you sweat like a pig--Only $5.50 from LoveLeeSoaps
Dress up your pig pen with some bacon wall art

$40.00 from beepart
And finally-this little pin

Just $1.75 fom sweetmeats.

Vert tasteful. dontcha think? You know the thing about bacon is...after you have it you just want MORE BACON. I'm off to find a breakfast buffet.....


Chandra said...

This reminds me of that dog commercial where he's searching for Bacon..."I want Bacon..Bacon, Bacon, Bacon".

I hope she REALLY likes bacon :)
Where do you find this's awesome!)

Debbie said...

Those are so cute. The internet and Etsy are glorious things!

Krëg said...


Blue said...

I ♥ Jim Gaffigan too. We have tickets to see him in September, and I'm very excited. That is one of my favorite skits.

I was this close to trying to come see you for the day on Tuesday this week, with The Bunch in tow. We were trying to decide on a route home, and could have gone to the city for the day between flights (would have had 14 hours), or flown to CA and gone to the beach between flights.

When we landed at JFK, the weather was so horrid, utter downpour and we were unprepared for such, so we headed to CA instead, and enjoyed a bright, sunny day there. Also I didn't have your phone number, and had no idea if you were free and up for an imprompteau, but some day I'd like to have an IRL get-together. You're awesome!

Miss Thystle said...

I MUST HAVE that bacon bracelet! LOVES it!

Melaina25 said...

Don't forget Bacon Band-aids!

sheila said...

I think Bananna would LOVE the bacon soap -- it gets my vote!! I had no idea that a kid could love bacon that much, or that there were so many choices out there for the bacon lover. I'm impressed, or scared...not sure which!

rpc said...

My daughter watched Babe for the first time when she was nearly 5. She had always loved bacon, but when she was offered bacon the same day she asked "Does bacon come from pigs?" I thought about lying, but told her "Yes", expecting her to denounce the very idea of eating Babe. "OK" she said happily, and ate her bacon. Later she said "the bacon comes from big pigs doesn't it, not baby pigs?" "Oh yes" I told her. "Good" she told me, "That way you get more bacon from them!"

kwr221 said...

Did you hear?!

BlogHer10 is in NYC!!!!!! August 6 and 7!

NOW is the time to make BlogSlur really happen!

Who's in?

kwr221 said...

I got DH some bacon mints for his Christmas stocking...they were gag-worthy:-(

How about some bacon-themed ONIM stuff? :-)

Bj in Dallas said...

I want the refrigerator magnets and the button. Oh, and tell Banana HBD from her Aunt BJ in Dallas...............

jenX said...

I love Etsy. You can find anything. My kids love bacon, too. Who knew it had such a following!?

Lo said...

I'm flabbergasted. And hungry.

Mama said...

yummmm bacon! although, I think the pocket bacon is kind of random....I think it would make for interesting conversation.

Ruby said...

I think Banana and I would get along swimmingly, as long as there was plenty of bacon to share. I once ate chocolate covered bacon as a test subject for a food science class. Fat layered in fat - YUM!

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