Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You'Ve GoT MaiL

The response to the recent call for readers to send handmade cards to celebrate my 500th Blog Posting was....well....I'm happy to know that three of you love me enough to get out the scissors and glue.

First of all, there was this beauty sent by the awesome and lovely Miss Thystle.

THANK YOU KIKI!!! This darling card, made from pilfered office supplies was sent along with two reams of xerox paper and a carton of toner. Ooops, maybe I wasn't supposed to mention that. Anyhoo, I lerves the Thystle so please visit her blog where last I looked, she was discussing men in leopard print thongs.

Next, we have the fabulous Sheila (and her better half Chris) who gets a handful of gold stars and many thanks for her wonderful use of G L I T T E R!!! FIVE different colors of glitter at that!! I am happier than a bird with a french fry.

Notice the clever reference to my recent appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Fergusen (scroll through old posts to find the You Tube clip.) Sheila doesn't have a blog despite the fact that I pressure her often to start one. Apparently it would be easier to get her to try crack. She will not bend.

And Last but so definitely Not Least, the incredible Zdub who sent this creation that-- in addition to being a fantastic card and possibly including a soft porn image of her sexy JohnnyDeppkeanureeveshotupsguy husband, doubles as a centerpiece!

Thank You Zakalicious! I believe Zak used a Hot Glue Gun to attach various drinking icons to the palm tree. I am glad she found a use for old Aspen Leaf business cards. Read about the fork in her road on her always funny blog.

Despite their smack talk, nothing has arrived in the mail yet from Kreg or Scrappin Jenny. But one can hope.

Obviously all of these entries are Fabulous and I cannot pick a single winner. So all three of these chiccas shall be given a little something AND FREE LODGING at Blogslur 2010 in New York City.

Keep the cards and letters coming people.


sheila said...

I'm honored and humbled to be included amongst those gorgeous creations! I was trying to be so clever & creative, and then Zak goes & creates the 3-dimensional wonder and kicks my glittery butt! I knew I liked her for a reason...

Thanks Lorrie, and here's to many more posts (insert sound of clinking glasses here)!!

wv: elicogi
again, i've got nothing. all those glitter pens killed my brain cells

Racie Lover said...

Is it too late to send you a card? I started to make one (for reals) but then, I was as usual trying to find homes for orphans and re-stocking my community food bank using my own money. So obviously, something had to suffer. I feel bad you only got three cards. I will make you one anyway. The orphans and food bank will just have to wait.

WV Gnelisk: a Gnome wearing an elastic sock

Bj in Dallas said...

ditto what she said, but I was only cleaning my oven.


the opposite of a nympho

Miss Thystle said...

Sheila might not be blogging, but she IS going to do a photo-a-day project that's ON a blog, so I think she can have a pass. Plus, she used glitter.

Also, I call dibs on the bed closest to the fridge!

WV: Knock.

Knock, knock, Let me in! I've brought wine!

Bj in Dallas said...

Thystles coming? How many rooms do you have? Do you put your overflow guest at a nice hotel?

wv: guebus

that is the name of the card I am now going to create and send you.
And it will not only have 'gue', it will have glitter and dog hair.
sprinkled with Chardonnay.

Jane! said...

I must've been sleeping when this assignment was handed out.
Now I just feel like the competition is too intimidating.

wv: spadshas

My life seems to have gone all to spadshas lately.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I also feel bad that you only got 3 cards. I sleep on my days off so this is the only excuse I have to offer. I figured that you would be getting a zillion cards so I chose not to participate. Also I'm a little lazy, but I attribute that to my sleepiness.
And NICE job on the cards ladies.


Those cards were seuper!

ZDub said...

Well, well, well.

Kreg is a no show. I'm totally disappointed, but not shocked.

He must be really busy, you know looking at porn, strumming his instrument and frying bacon.

I would just like to add that I am so going to BlogHer '10 (NYC or bust) and I am so taking you up on that offer!

kesseedi-Parts of NYC are slighty kesseedi, good thing I'm staying with Lorrie.

Jen said...

This blows. I was sure I left a comment earlier. Maybe I just dreamed that I did...

My goal, for the day tomorrow, is to make your card and get it in the mail by 5 PM. I have been thinking about this all morning and I've got some pretty good ideas cooking for it...

SassyPants said...

I too must have been on vacation when this little challenge went out because I love an excuse to use my scrapbooking scissors.

Sorry for being negligent and congrats again!

kwr221 said...

Okay, My daughter is HOME FROM CAMp now! And so, maybe she will tell me where the markers and glitter are. (she TOOK my fabric pens and markers to CAMP, the little scamp)

We'll do something next week because we LOVE you and will send it even if we missed the deadline for gettin' free cool stuff because LOVE is our motivation, not bribes!

rpc said...

You didn't get a card from me because of my total lack of artistic talent.

WV: I feel all QUASE at the thought of doing something artistic.

PearlsOfSomething said...

I designed a card in my head. It rocks! You should see it!

I thought the deadline had passed, but if you're still accepting them (I guess it would be silly to think you might scream at the mailman and refuse your mail) perhaps I'll actually make it.

Or I'll just describe it to you in email.

Debbie said...

What nice cards. The lack of one from me is strictly due to my laziness - not my lack of love for you.

le @ thirdontheright said...

hello dearest - happiest of happies .... off to read more - have so missed my girls :) le xox

Lo said...

The dog ate my homework? I meant to send something. Sigh.
Happy 500-plus.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Lorrie!!! Thanks so much for my goodies!!! I LOVE them ALL!!! And I LOVE YOU!!!

WV: Baraci = Barack obama in a thong.