Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Happy Tuesday Chickens!

Gosh, perhaps it's time to rethink the whole "blackout" thing.

1. Got A VERY DELICIOUS 500th blog post card from Deb from Four Angels Momma

Those are custom, baby--and written in wee letters on them are sayings like: Lorrie's 500th and Our Name Is Blog. Thanks Deb!! Please visit her blog today to read an ironic post because it is partially about a visit from....

2. BLUE! Who visited me while in the city with girlfriends and came to paint a bowl and have my children hang all over her.

And I know you are wondering who that hunk is in the background and of course, that would be...

3. KREG! who I decided to cut up into tiny little pieces and mail all across the country. I am looking forward to linking to all sorts of posts about Kreg's body parts.

4. The FALL FESTIVAL was a big success despite a formidable weather forecast. We had 80 street vendors, 3 large bouncey castles, food, live entertainment, arts & crafts, facepainting, cupcake decorating and when they rolled the Llama in it counts as one of the top 50 great moments of my life. And now I can relax! Except for that Halloween brunch for 50 I have to plan to assuage the guilt my kids have laid on me.

5. Oh, and Sexyhusbandomine is in China for two weeks, leaving me alone with The Spawn (I hate when I am outnumbered) and the two bodyguards and the five attack dogs (got that stalkers?). So blogging? WAYYYY up there on the list of priorities. Like, at least number 34.


Jen said...

CBoys face in that picture is priceless.

Kr√ęg said...

Hack me to bits and mail me to the four corners? That's sweet. No wait... That's mildly sociopathic.

Also, you may be in the running for my "Suspected Child Abuse Award" for letting you children near that picture of me. That thing creeps ME out.

WV: frigon
Toned-down variant of the vulgarity fuggon deemed acceptable for broadcast by the FCC.

Miss Thystle said...

I love how Banana is doing the Vanna White at Kreg, like "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE WON KREG and this NICE WHIRLPOOL DISHWASHER!"


I've got Kreg's head, but his body is smshig. (hic)

Debra W said...


You are so right when you say that we are on The Small World ride! I guess that by one degree of separation, we have met now kinda, sorta, well maybe not. But I am very happy to know that we run in the same circle.(around the country, anyway!)

I am so glad that you got your M&M's, but I am even happier that you got to meet the wonderful Blue! I absolutely adore her. That is a very cute photo of Blue with The Spawn and Kreg!

My husband is talking about heading to NY next summer, so maybe we will finally get to meet, too!


rpc said...

Poor Kreg! That is such an unkind cut.

WV: eresse - someone who will inherit some money one day (not me!)

Bj in Dallas said...

does Blue have a tatoo on her arm? or did you make her put her phone number on it while she was in the scary city??


What I hope no one ever calls me

Bj in Dallas said...

ps do you have word v on to keep chinese Michael Jackson from coming back from the grave?


What Thystle calls the guys at the bowling alley after she has had too many adult beverages

Bj in Dallas said...

pss Kreg is currently doing the dishes, if you were wondering. Nice to have a man around again


I'm not going there while Kreg is in my house

Baylee and Blair's page said...

Hey Lorrie... Cannot wait until I can take a little trip to the big city to visit you! You have to be SO MUCH fun in person!

Hugs - Tiff

ZDub said...


That is the scariest picture ever. I love your kids faces!

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