Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I know I am tardy to the pardy, and that most of you have already begun to dig your artificial trees out of storage and deck your halls, but what kind of a Mommy Blogger would I be if I did not share memories of Halloween 2009 with all my chickens?

Here is The Banana as Little Red Riding Hood.

Here is ComplicatedBoy as a Scary Jester

And here is a very funny blog post (thanks ZDub.)


Jen said...

I thought that was a dog standing next to Banana in that picture. I think I need to go back to bed.

ZDub said...

They look awesome. And cute.

Except if I met CBoy in a dark alley, I would probably die a quick death-SCARY!

OHN said...

How cool that you have a pony in your apartment. Do the neighbors mind?

Sheila said...

did Banana ride the horse while she made the rounds, in order to cover more ground & maximize candy intake?

also, where are the pictures of you & SHOY?

Miss Thystle said...

I want a PONY. NOT FAIR.

I even found Kreg's severed head and everything. But did *I* get a pony. NO. NO I DID NOT.

PS. THe spawn look cute. Except not CBoy because boys that age hate being 'cute'. He looks handsome? Whatever it is he wants to hear, you tell him I said that, okay?

jenX said...

your little girl is just beautiful!!! what an adorable costume. i always loved clothes that laced up the front.

Jane! said...

Wait. Little Red Riding hood has a pony? No wonder she got away from the wolf.

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