Friday, November 06, 2009

HaPPY BiRTHDaY Sexy Husband O Mine!

What do you get a man like Sexyhusband O Mine that has EVERYTHING?

Well if you are lazy creative like me, you let your CHILDREN pick out his birthday gift. And so after an hour of shopping in the finest drugstores and discount outlets retail locations, The Banana found THE PERFECT gift for The King of Chez Veasey...

As Banana explained to me: "This is a revolutionary appliance! You can pour, flip and fill to make an endless variety of gourmet pancakes!" Except it kind of sounded like "Get this Mommy 'cause I saw it on TV and can I have some gum?"

Happy Birthday to my better half. I lerves you more than chocolate cream filled gourmet pancakes. Please make me some.


Jen said...

I actually have this pan, but unlike yourselves, I went to Williams-Sonoma to get mine. Mine looks exactly the same but I'm sure I paid 200 times more.

Happy birthday to your husband!

Sheila said...

got one of these for my sis-in-law last year for christmas. she actually loves it -- puts jam inside & then they're like little jelly donuts.

happy birthday kip!!

wv: dableg
How Tattoo from Fantasy Island pronounces this form of technology (i.e. a blog)

Sheila said...

BTW - shouldn't you be shopping someplace other than Duane Reed for SHOY? Doesn't he at least deserve Tar-jay?

WV: manho
Do I really need to tell you what that means?! Really??

Blue said...

man, i wish i was your sexy husband now. that pan looks like more fun than the CIRCUS!

WV: scran
i better make like a nut and scran!

Bj in Dallas said...

SHOY! Happy Birthday, you made it another year living with LV and the spawn!!! YAY You!!

did i miss the cake?

thats ok, I have wine.....


Oh, man, that guy fell and hit his head and now he is uncunsus

rpc said...

How come I don't have one of these? Never mind "I saw it on TV" - once I've seen a kitchen gadget on a blog I have to have one.

WV: subbley - I subbley have to rush out and buy one.

Lo said...

Yum.Happy BD, Kip.

WV: micitu: I threw the micitu so you could karaoke.

Krëg said...

You must figure out how to use canned whipped cream to make little cream-filled donuts.

Or just make tiny pancakes and eat the whipped cream right out of the can.

Hirppy Bathday big guy!

WV: dicrel
Filling a dozen donuts will make your dicrel sore.

Miss Thystle said...

I hope he also got a SlapChop because I have one and it's AWESOME and I totally want that pancake puff thing, so please advise if it is as awesome as I want it to be.

WV: Parti

For Kip's birthday there was a martini parti because he's fanci like that.

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