Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Haitus. Sabbatical. A Break. Whatever you want to call it, it has become obvious that manning the blog this month has gone the way of shaving my legs in the winter.

So here's the deal, Chickens.

For the month o December, I'll be featuring your fabulous, funny, tear jerking, controversial or irreverent stories about Your Holiday Traditions.

That is, if you'll send them to me via email at L V Mud (at) a o l. IF YOU DO- YOU GET A GIFT!!! Yes Chickens, I will send you a little sumpin sumpin if you send me a little sumpin sumpin. EVERYONE WHO WRITES A POST WINS!!

YOU CAN ALSO WIN A FABULOUS GINGERBREAD PLATTER BY SIGNING UP TO PARTICIPATE IN COMMENTS BELOW. Sign up by Thursday, December 11th at which point I will announce the winner and release a schedule of guest bloggers.

BTW: your own blog need not suffer on my behalf. Double posting is permitted. Ms. Claus in lingerie is not (sorry Kreg.)

So sign up below to help keep this blog chugging along in the month of December. Picture me, standing beside a red kettle, singing Silent Night if it helps.


Jen said...

Oooo fun! When do you want my submission boss?

Bj in Dallas said...

I want to play.

Krëg said...

Hopefully have something emailed to you by the end of the day.

Lovely as it is, I don't need another platter.

WV: losessit
What happens to the person who gets out of their chair at an overcrowded bar.

Blue said...

at first i thought this said "Elvis Wanted", which instantly conjured up lots of different images and ideas.

i'm prolly busier the rest of this month than any previous december. i'll be lucky if i manage to find time to get my kids a christmas gift this year. so i'll read on the go, and enjoy your witty submissions, but as for me, i got nuttin'. (well, except for love in my heart and adoration for all my fav peeps. kiss that banana on the top of her head for me!)

rpc said...

Me too, as long as you don't need my submission this week. As of next Monday I will have a few spare minutes to fill.

Kreg, what does need have to do with anything when it comes to Lorrie's platters?

Harbormom said...

I wanna play, too! Just tell me when...

Miss Thystle said...

So, if Mrs. Claus in lingere isn't permitted, would a post about the time we watched midget porn with a santa theme while eating Christmas dessert be accpetable as long as I don't include pictures?

Please advise.

Krëg said...

Holy crap, I MUST know more about Kris Kringle midget porn. Must!

kwr221 said...

I asked for elves too on FB, but none came forward.

But then again, I didn't offer any cool gifts.

Sigh.... I'm sure I have a holiday tradition or two that I can share...but then I have to actually WRITE about it. And try to be entertaining.

Crap. This is just like school. :-(

But your stuff is soooooo worth it.

Anonymous said...


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