Thursday, December 10, 2009

DeaDLiNeS AMuSe Me

Happy Thursday Chickens!

The winner of the STOP GINGERBREAD CRUELTY PLATTER is........ (drumroll please) BJ!!! Congrats!

Here is the GUEST BLOG schedule for all you other elves--who will also get a little sumpin sumpin when you submit your wonderful blog entries-which did I mention should be no more than 5 paragraphs long and either incredibly moving (OMGawd I must rent my garments and tear my hair) or pee in your pants funny--but NO PRESSURE.

Monday December 14- The week will kick off with a post from the Bloggy Goddess that is Thystle.
Wednesday December 16 - We'll hear from the fabulous Ruth
Friday December 18- We'll read something that will make us have bad dreams all weekend from our man Kreg
Monday December 21 We'll see what Jen has to say about all this
Tuesday December 22 We''ll read a pithy entry from the never verbose BJ
Wednesday December 23 We'll read what Harbormom has to say
Thursday December 24 I'll wish you all a verrrrrry Merrrry.

(Blue & Kristin-I knew you did not want to write, but if the fancy strikes you feel free to jump right in)

Speaking of blog entries- the fantabulous Paul sent me this little entry in days of yore but it got lost on the mess that is my desk. I had promised to publish it, and he reminded me that i never did so. So here it is...a very big AWWWWWWWWW. Thanks Paul!!!

My grandfather was diabetic. In his later years, he had trouble eating. Though he was still exercising regularly, he had little appetite. I came across one of your products in a store. A big yellow "motivational cereal bowl." I'm not sure what you'd intended it for, but it was perfect for Grandpa. The slogans encouraged him to power through breakfast, and the sheer size of the bowl made his portion seem less intimidating. He ate from it pretty much every day, and got quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. And it helped my mother in her constant battle to keep his weight up. Just wanted to let you know of its success, and to thank you for the good it did us. Today, it sits on the counter in his memory, and I can't help but think of him every time I see it.


Krëg said...

5 paragraphs?
That seems like a slender amount of writing, but I suppose you make the rules, not me.

WV: gliggl
The dyslexic brastes of the extoic dacner gliggled in my fcae.

Jen said...

5 paragraphs is a challenge...and one I gladly accept. Now I just need to pick which story to tell...

kwr221 said...

I don't know who Paul is, but I LOVE that story. ::sniff:::

And Lorrie, I love you.

I could guest Twitter for you... I rock at Twitter..blogging, notsomuch anymore.

wv: nowsingn

And nowsingn on the mainstage is....drumroll please.... the fabulous Lorie!!!!!

Lin said...

Aww...Paul, you actually made me shed some tears. That is one kick ass story!

Bj in Dallas said...

love Pauls story...your mud changes peoples lives!! I am drinking out of my mug right now that says good things are going to happen, and THEY ARE!

orkiw-what the Kiwis call the Orkin man down under

Bj in Dallas said...

oh, and MUCHAS GRACIAS for the platter win!!
you are da bomb, even if you didn't send me things....

rpc said...

When you list the days like that it makes me realize just how close it is to Christmas. HELP!!!

wv: rershet the extra we have to pay for shipping at this time of year - I'll have to rershet to you.

Anonymous said...


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