Tuesday, January 12, 2010

EXCyouZe Me!

Happy Tuesday, Chickens!

I will write tomorrow about my fabulous trip to Hotlanta and the kiss I got from legendary Hollywood actor Tony Curtis (saliva was exchanged even though his lips were nowhere near mine) but first- a quick review of what I returned home to.

First of: The Banana recaps the weekend for her teacher with this writing assignment:

For those of you who can't get the gist from the skillfully rendered graphic, it says I THROWED UP TWO TIMES. Yes, I returned to find that a plague had descended upon the House of Veasey. ComplicatedBoy and Sexyhusbandomine also had bugs. But (despite the fact that someone threw up IN THE AISLE of my plane ride to Atlanta)... Not Me. The whole "Fat Fights Viruses" thang is still working for me. Take two cookies and call me in the morning.

And you know what else came down with something and appears to have died in Chez Veasey? MY FRIDGE. Because the warranty was for two years. And at two years, two months, it Just Stopped Working. It was actually warmer in my crisper yesterday than it was outside. So we have been living out of a cooler. Which is no fun because Sexyhusbandomine keeps telling me I can't chill the chardonnay because The Spawn need things like milk and orange juice.

So tomorrow Wednesday I'll try to have a story or two for you. In the meantime, 5 random numbers are:
1,6,8,12,14. Those are the winners of the great buttons from Beanforest. You must email me (LVMUD (at) a o l) within two days to claim your fabulous prize. Get off you button and do it now.


Lori said...

I'll bet the teacher just loved that! Sucks about the refrigerator. They always seem to do stuff like that as soon as the warranty runs out.

As for the drawing, I'm new here, so I'll have to catch it next time around.

Kr√ęg said...

Oh, you fell for the old "Hey baby, let Tony Curtis spit in your mouth" line, eh? He's been getting people with that one for years.

Also, I may reuse Banana's weekend summary the next time I call in sick to work. Hell, I may just change the name at the top of the image to my own, change the date to current, and then email it to my boss.

WV: trigin
Gangsta-slang for the action of over-contemplating trigonometry.

ex: "Homeboy has been trigin out for three hours. He's gettin his sine on, yo."

Jen said...

I love Banana's expressive drawing. The look on her face says it all.

kwr221 said...

What? We have to count our own entries? Sorry about Banana. I swear the bug didn't come from our house. Although it was here last week. Love the drawing.

kwr221 said...

Ooooweeeee! Am I really a winner? :-D Hey, it's been a while.

I'm just verbose. or whatever the literary equivalent is.

No, I'm still not blogging, bit at least I'm commenting. :-)

wv: etheadin

when vomiting, make sure you're etheadin to the bathroom

le @ whoopwhoop said...

hee hee I am loving the banana ...she is a banana chip off the ole bunch - I see talent there - best le xox

WV : foreshe

what happens after a bottle of chardie on the birthday after your 39th year of life ..

eg :geez, I can't believe I'm turning foreshe tomorrow ...

Sheila said...

See, now I ate way too much over the weekend. So in some ways, I wish I would have throwed up two times -- but that would be like promoted bulimia. And that is not good either.

So I will stick to overeating & your fat fights virus thinking. Probably safer.

Hope the Spawn & the Fridge are well soon!!

rpc said...

I love the picture. I'm sorry to hear about the chardonnay disaster.

Bj in Dallas said...

Banana- feel bebber....
At least the teacher KNEW she was sick, and you didn't have her home cleaning house.

Get creative on your stacking in the cooler. You can do it, You can do it.

Kreg- that just made me laugh at 6:15 in the morning

YES PEOPLE!! I am on here this early because I HAVE A JOB and can't be hanging around this hood during the day. I'll be back

folen: what her boobs kind of looked like when she took off her bra

Racie Lover said...

Obviously you people in New Yawk have not discovered (or do not have enough room for) a second fridge devoted SOLELY to the storing and chilling of wine and beer. If you had that kind of forethought, chilled chard would not be a problem right now. I'm sure it's still cold enough up in the Frozen North to stick a bottle of milk and o.j. out on the stoop for the kids. Not cold enough for chard but cold enough for the little ones.

I now have the perfect Hostess Gift to bring you. A wine chiller!

ZDub said...

I love Banana. That is amazing.