Friday, February 19, 2010


TGIF Chickens--in a few days I'll be home with the Mother Load of Laundry. And stories! I shall have stories!! Some of them might even be true.

Round about this time I will be thinking about H O M E W O R K, sadly. ComlicatedBoy has a teacher this year (if you are reading this Ms. J you are Amazing! Awesome! we love you!) who likes to give ridiculous amounts large quantities of homework on vacations. During Christmas, Cboy was charged to write a small novel--which we managed to do because we copied because we buckled down and got 'er done.

I loathe resent hate am not a huge fan of vacation homework. Seems to me, time off should be time off. Sure, if you have one of those easy schmeasy kids who's always got a nose in a book that you don't have to nag the pants off to do the work, it's probably not a big deal: but to those of us who have more Complicated Children--children who require NAGGING PLEADING YELLING CAJOLING, we like to actually enjoy our time off from school. So yes, damn it, it's not about my kid: IT'S ABOUT ME! I WANT A VACATION FROM HOMEWORK!!! PLEASE!!

But I can never say that in real life because then I'd be--you know--"That" Mom. The Not With The Program Mom. So I say nothing, but watch me slip Cboy the Cliff notes first chance I get.

Homework: Does it Suck or Not? Discuss. Win Prizes. Start a petition-become my hero.


debi said...

Homework sucks!!! I'm still traumatized from it, and I am 50 something!!! LOL!

Jen said...

It both sucks and blows, which you would think is physically impossible.

Shannon is in 8th grade this year and seeing as she will be in high school this fall, her teachers have decided to pile the homework on them (weekdays, weekends and holidays) like it's going out of style because "they need to get used to all the work." She spends so much time on homework, projects and other stuff that it makes her so nervous and sick. It just doesn't seem like a good idea, if you ask me.

kristin said...

Sux!!! I don't want to be involved. At all. Why should I be punished?

Nonnee said...

I hated it as a child (yes, I WAS a child once) - especially studying for exams over Christmas - I hated when my kids were growing up - and I really hate it for C-Boy and Banan. There oughtta be a law - no vacation homework.

playew -I mean it, I won't playew

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I'm not a fan of homework, nor do I loathe it. What I refuse to acknowledge is any homework over holidays. That just sucks, and I've even told my kids not to do it. Yeah, I'm THAT kind of mom.

Sheila said...

i think vacation homework is wrong. those two words DO NOT belong together...vacation is for vacating all things necessary. and that includes school work.

the end.

Lin said...

Homework definitely sucks. I think kids should do all their work at school. There shouldnt be any reason why it needs to come home with them. I think teachers just like tormenting the parents, lol.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

I like projects that you make at home (the shoebox diorama type stuff), but busy work home work makes me mad. My kids teacher sends home 4 pages of busy work on Monday and they are supposed to do a page a day and turn it in Friday. Crichton does it all in 10 minutes on Monday and we call it good. Isn't part of being a good parent teaching kids the easy way to do stupid stuff that doesn't really matter?

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I think teachers need to realize that when they give your child 3 pages of homework and the other 7 teachers do the same thing, that's a lot of homework! I am all for education, but that's ridiculous and I am wondering why these teachers don't recognize this. Don't they communicate with each other? Surely Mrs. Hoppstetter had a conversation with Mr. Clum and one of them said something like, "Yeah, I gave the sixth graders 2 pages of homework today."
Meanwhile Miss Greer says, "Oh dear, I did the same thing!"
This happens all week long.
And the vacation homework kills me. Talk about being sadistic. I can see 3 pages of homework over the weekend (sometimes), but give the kids some room. I've got chores I want them to be doing over the weekend and plenty of them. No wonder my homes a wreck.

WV: undole
The teachers did everything they could to undole my weekend chore assignments.

(Note to nice teachers: "You are nice.")

OHN said...

This is an open comment to all the narcissistic teachers out there, that truly believe that THEIR class is the most important. News flash....all your co-teachers think the same thing.

As for thinking that you are prepping the kids for the HARD work in college......did you GO to college? Did you have more than 4 classes on any given day and how many days did you have NO classes. Yeah, I thought so. My kids work less in college than they did in middle school.

So, in summary, sending gobs of homework with the kids, to do between having a life with their family, and maybe throwing in sports, well, you suck. It makes for very cranky exhausted kids, and really ticked off parents.

The end.