Thursday, February 04, 2010

JaNuaRY 2010 LauNCH

Happy Thursday Chickens!

Today I'd like to show some of the New & Exciting Products that will be available at fine retailers near you in about six months. That's right: I am making my bosses proud by using this blog for marketing instead of writing about The Spawn's bodily functions (but boy do I have a story to share next week about Banana...)

A brief glimpse at what we launched this show cycle includes a section of Brand New BEACH items. Here is my favorite.

We also are offering a whole selection of funny football themed items for the football fanatic. Here's the chip and dip:

For Halloween, or perhaps to celebrate the next season of Trueblood or the next Twighlight movie premiere, we created several items with a vampire theme that are fangtastic. Here's my favorite:

And finally, some fun new candles also for Halloween--or for Zombie Festival, which I believe is tomorrow.

So if your favorite local shoppe is not carrying OUR NAME IS MUD products, please ask them to do so. But not in a Tony Soprano way. Well, unless you live on the East Coast.


Krëg said...

But if I don't question local retailers in a menacing fashion, Mikey Two-Face and Vinny The Hammer might think I've gone soft. What's a thug to do?

WV: obectiva
Pfizer's new Obectiva may cause blindness, but it instantly cures all of your light-based phobias.

Miss Thystle said...

I must have the vampire goblet.

Also, I just heard on the radio six double dips into a communal bowl will transfer TEN THOUSAND bacteria from one eater to the next.

Lastly, GUESS WHAT I FOUND! It's my She WHo Must Be Obeyed mug that I got seven years ago before I even knew you. So that .25 you made in 2003? That was from me.

WV: Mycon

Tricking people into buying me wine is mycon of choice.

ZDub said...

I really like all of it, nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love those candles. I'm not much for the undead (vampires suck, and zombies are just boring), but I still find myself sorely tempted. (Meantime, I'll settle for spreading the word on Twitter and stuff.)

Sheila said...

All the stuff is great - as usual!

And Thystle's statistic about double dipping has made me want to vomit. Therefore, I will now have to take dips off the menu at my Super Bowl party. I'm still afraid of the swine flu...

Harbormom said...

Happy dance! Happy dance! Just found out that my local Hallmark Store carries Our Name is Mud! Gotta have the "Gulls" mug for the beach!

Lin said...

You make the greatest stuff! I love the football chip & dip tray, so cute!

Krëg said...

The Asian-hentai-sex-porn spammer has visited my comments section. I'm blaming you.

OneCraftyFox said...

LOVE the goblet.