Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We HaVe SoMe WeiNeRS....

Hot Diggity Dawg Chickens, Blogger failed to publish my automatic picks of winners yesterday so here they are again:

If you were the SEVENTH comment in the post Far, Far Away
If you were the FIFTH or the TENTH comment in the post Tuesday
If you commented MORE THAN FIVE TIMES on Wednesday's word association post
If you were comment THREE or SIX on Friday's post

THEN YOU HAVE WON!! Email me at L V M ud at a ol to find out what you've won.

Thanks for playing! New post tomorrow!!


Lin said...

Cool, I won something for being bored & posting more than 5x on Wednesday post, ha ha.

Sheila said...

yippee -- I'm a winner winner chicken dinner!

let me know if you need my info!

wv: molativ
it's a good thing I finally won one of these! if i hadn't, i would have had to learn to make a molativ cocktail

Unknown said...

omg!! OMG!!! I won!!! I'm the tenth post on Tuesday!!! I counted it twice!!!!

Yea me!!!
Thank you Thank YOu Thank you!!!!

rpc said...

OK, I got a little carried away on Wednesday, and yes, I did post more than 5 comments.

I'm intrigued by the 7th post on Far, Far Away. Is it cheating if I post another two comments there, taking the total up to 7?

kristin said...

woohoo! I'm # 3 on Friday's post~ :-)

but ....ahem... er...I don't know how to say this... But I never got my supercool magnet from the cute etsy guy

WV: inesond

I *swear I' inesond, really.