Thursday, April 08, 2010


If New York City was a dryer full of germs, my children would be the lint trap because THEY CATCH EVERYTHING. Currently they both have a great combo stomach flu/high fever thing that has kept them home EVEN THOUGH SPRING VACATION IS OVER.

Yes. They were home for Spring Break... AND THEY ARE STILL HOME.

Pray For Me People. The days are so long.


Jennifer said...

Poor Lorrie...poor kids...hope everyone gets well soon.

Kr√ęg said...

Man, that's a better excuse than "I've been too drunk." I'll have to remember that one. You don't REALLY need to have children to make it believable, do you?

WV: stives
The doctor used liquid nitrogen to remove my unsightly stives.

ZDub said...

Zoe missed a full week of school the week after Spring Break.

I was afraid when I took her back to school, she wouldn't be able to read.

I will pray for you. If I prayed. How about I just raise my wine glass to you tonight?

Real Live Lesbian said...

It's the worst thing about Spring....those leftover germs that are just looking for someone to make miserable!

Hope your house is well again very soon!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

We just got back from San Fransisco for Spring break and so far nary a sniffle. I think it helped that they got sick a couple of weeks before we left. Hope everyone starts to fill better soon.
Lo sends her Luv.


kwr221 said...

I hope they feel better by now!