Monday, May 24, 2010


Do you remember the episode of The Brady Bunch where Greg has to make a movie of the landing at Plymouth Rock for a school project, and there's a big fuss because Marcia and Jan both want to be the same role and Peter keeps sprinkling cornflakes painted white to look like snow and Mike and Carol and Alice all want to make changes to the script and....

Well the SAME THING happened at ChezVeasey recently, when CBoy was given the task of rewriting a classic fairy tale. EXcept I didn't have an Alice to clean up and fix dinner afterwards *sigh* so much to do, so few people to do it for me.

Without further ado--here is Cboy's first foray into film. LITTLE RED FIGHTING HOOD. I probably would not watch this at work with the volume up.


Metalicious said...

And the award goes to.... BANANA! She delivered such a layered performance and still managed to maintain her faux-british accent. Plus she's got those adorable eyes. But she couldn't have done it without the wonderful and high-pitched performance of Cboy. And of course SHOY looked totally buff as the pocketwatch. Standing ovation for all!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome and precious and creative and hilarious!