Thursday, May 20, 2010

FRee STuFF.....for me

This whole "slacking on the blog" thing has really been paying off this month, Chickens.  Last week it was that 256 page spiritual tome, and today it is a package that appears to have arrived in JANUARY and languished in the Mud Mailroom! I have a fab reader named SALLY who sends me wonderful letters and tons of goodies and she sent me a box of cat toys for Lenny & Elsie from the Etsy shop K. Grant Designs! 
How adorable are these?  And accurate!  They predicted that Elsie would sleep all day and that Lenny would scratch up my couch.  How did they know???  And look at these:
These are MEWberries!! Too sweet!  The fab Sally also sent me these kitty canolis:
Leave the gun, take the cannoli--K Grant say sthese are a nip filled whack to the head.

So it is the Mother Load of catnip for Lenny & Elsie tonight.  What usually happens is that they both get into it, and then they get really, really hungry and they laugh at everything,  and then they fall asleep.  

Well, not really Elsie.  She is 21 years old.  That makes her the Miss Jane Pittman of cats.  She is completely deaf, and completely blind, and likes to spend her nights walking across my pillow, meowing into my ear that she would like treats.  

Thank you so much Sally (and Frederick, Jennings Peter, Antoine, Lamont, Montel and Stanmusical!)  and KGrant designs

All you other readers out there: my birthstone is a saphire.  Just sayin.

Tell me in comments what your cat's name is.  And if you don't have a cat...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?  I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE ALLERGIC, THAT'S WHY GOD INVENTED BENEDRYL.


Krëg said...

My dogs LOVE cats! Crunchy on the outside with a chewy center. What's not to like?

WV: applug
Apple's new line of digital luggage.

Jennifer said...

My cat's name is Cali. She's a beast and she would LERVE any of those toys.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Our cat's name is Tolouse (after the famous French painter); however, Tolouse's artistic talents do not lie in the paint brush but rather in the mouse hunt! My 23 yr old daughter named him and left him at home when she went off to school. Now she's still living far away from home and has another cat named Mary-Louise Kinsky! Mary-Louise has a penchant for potato chips and walking across the stove! Dangerous!

Rachael said...

We have perhaps the most uninventive name ever for a cat. Her name is Spot. That's what happens when you let your kids name their own pets. Now...if they would just change her litter box and feed her...

cattoychick said...

Thanks for blogging about the toys - Gus, Oliver, Lucy, Stella, Sam and Coal are so glad that your kitties like 'em!

Gin said...

Our cats are The Turd, Spidercat (she does whatever a spidercat does), and the very recently acquired kitten Wee George (after my favorite Beatle). The toys are PRECIOUS, and I am totally going to check them out.

Tracy said...

We have Google, Willy, and Tiny. Plus 2 unnamed outdoor kitties: actually my daughter gives them new names almost daily, but so far none have stuck.

WV: woress
Woress that cat off to now?!

Rubber Duck Artworks said...

I just adore your ceramics, and have several in my home... how wonderful to find a blog! Keep up the fantastic work!

kwr221 said...

Our currents cats are Toby and Koala - named by the kids.

IN the past we've (I've) had

Philly (Philadelphia)
Mr. Magoo

Anonymous said...

Pinkerbell and Bluebell....nicknames Pink and Blue. Can you guess their genders? That's what happens when a 3 year old helps to name them.