Friday, May 14, 2010

My DoG aTe iT

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis (Hi Nonnee!  Hi Dad!) know that I occasionally run a feature called: One Sentence Book Reviews, in which I do annoying things like critique the jacket art or give away the ending. Because Irreverent is How I Roll.

ANYHOO...apparently the big Search Engine in the Sky does not actually read what I write, because a publisher contacted me and asked me to officially review a new book in exchange for...wait for it... A FREE BOOK.  And since I will pretty much do anything for free stuff, I said YES!  YES! YES! Send me that book now and let me get cracking!!  And then the book arrived.

Let me say from the get go that I am not a stranger to the self help section of Barnes and Noble.  In fact, I believe I spent 1987-1989 dabbling in self actualization and finding the me that I love.  I have read I'm O.K., You're O.K. and even though I didn't understand 3/4 of it...I knew that I was O.K.

So here's the thing about this book: SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIP The Journey To Authentic Power by Gary's kind of hard.  Like, here's a random paragraph:

Commitment to creating authentic power is the prerequisite for a spiritual partnership.  The benefit of a spiritual partnership is creating authentic power.  The two come together.  Authentic power and spiritual partnerships are different facets of the same jewel.  When the jewel (multisensory perception) came into being so did its facets.

And then my head exploded.  Because where are the heaving bossoms or the vampires?

But because I had accepted this FREE BOOK and also because the book publisher began to email me daily about the fact that I was AN ACTUAL STOP ON THE BLOGGED BOOK TOUR I felt like I absolutely must read the thing cover to cover.  Which I did, finishing 5 minutes ago, officially one day late.

And I can tell you that I learned this from reading this book:  I don't want to grow up and become a Book Reviewer.  That Would Be A Hard Job.

So here is my one sentence review: The author writes "the world now pivots on a point and that point is in you" but to be frank, I am really working very hard to teach both my children that the world does NOT in fact, pivot around them...and they should put their dirty clothes in the hamper. If I want to give my children a real lesson in authentic power in relationships, I'll pack an extra ring ding in their lunch box.

SO....enter below to win a FREE COPY of Gary Zukav (author of The Seat of The Soul) new book.  Winner chosen at random on Tuesday, May 18.  The copy I will send you looks brand new.....

UPDATE:  May I also recommend this fabulous self help book from a favorite fellow blogger?


Linda said...

He's one of my favorite spiritual authors. I would love to win.

Krëg said...

I'm thinking about writing my own motivational book called: Life's Not Fair, Now Shut Up And Get Back To Work!
It will just say that on every page.

WV: roidu
The glaze of Preparation H left in a person's underwear.

Amy H. said...

I'm entering to win Kregs book, please.

vw: pusnarg

ew, i don't even wanna go there.

rpc said...

Congratulations! You have just wasted however many hours of your life reading what sounds like total codswallop. You will never get those hours back.
This is officially NOT an entry to win. I will do almost anything for free stuff, but life is too short to read rubbish books.

WV: predri - some people put their laundry in the dryer before they wash it to save time later.

Virginia said...

I don't entirely understand the comment above mine here, but Lorrie, you crack me up!

Jennifer said...

I'd buy Kreg's book.