Friday, July 23, 2010


What can you turn an ordinary glass jar into?

Pfft- who needs frames when you can just wash out a pickle jar?

Perfect to display pictures of your hipster boyfriend.

You can make your own snowglobe!

Or Terrariums!

You could actually do this on one quick and easy step by just not putting the mayo away for a week.

You could wrap them up in a warm sweater.

Use them to set aside much needed preserves. Winter will be here before you know it.


rpc said...

I am setting to work immediately to knit sweaters for all of my jars. How can I have been so remiss as to leave them in the cold all this time?

Cinderelish said...

I love the photos in a jar. But I gotta tell ya, the pickled stuffed animals are deeply disturbing.

OHN said...

The parents of the child that has the pickled stuffed animals.....they need to start saving for her therapy now.

Jennifer said...

That last one made me laugh so hard.