Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In no particular order: some minor regrets. Because really: what good is having a blog if you don't use it to whine and complain every now and then? I know what you're thinking: That's Why We Have Husbands. But sometimes a girl just wants to moan about something and not have someone present a workable solution. So here's the short list of THINGS I REGRET TODAY:

1. Allowing Banana to hear the song "You put De Lime in De Coconut."

2. Banana choosing "You Put De Lime in De Coconut as an anthem of sorts.

3. Hearing "You Put De Lime in De Coconut" 27 times in a row.

4. That I am not tall enough to carry off a poncho or a shawl. I put a poncho on, I look like a tee pee with a head sticking out.

5. The 2.5 hours we spent watching COUPLES RETREAT because we assumed anything with Vince Vaughn would be at the least mildly entertaining.

6. Doing a Google image search with two kids standing over my shoulder for "Winnie The Pooh." Seriously: DO NOT DO THIS.

7. Buying the Princess Lea hair extensions on Etsy because they looked so good on the model in the picture. I am not Bjork. I don't know why I ever thought two braided muffins of hair would be appropriate to wear to a PTA meeting.

8. Not flossing more.

9. Not making my children floss more.

10. That I can't get You Put De Lime in De Coconut out of my head.

Happy Wednesday Chickens!


Jennifer said...

The teepee with a head sticking out is a visual I will never get out of my brain.

KimmChi said...

I want those leia extensions

Kr√ęg said...

I'll have to check the specifics of the Geneva Convention, but I believe non-voluntary viewing of the visage of Vince Vaughn is considered torture.

Check out the movie Date Night.

Call the doctor. Wake him up.

Metalicious said...

So I guess you would call it a Bananthem?

Vince Vaughn is out.

Zach Garafanalalalalalkis is in.

Just sayin' so you'll have something to talk about at the next PTA meeting other than your muffins.