Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Happy Wednesday Chickens! Time to show you what is INSIDE the house we recently bought. These are the "before" pictures. The "After" pictures may have to wait until we reach R for Renovations, because K is for "Keep Forgetting the Kamera." Anyhoo-here is the inside of the house we bought....

BEFORE: Walking in from the front door.

We kept the fireplace, but everything else went to white.

The Old Kitchen:

The only thing we kept in this room were the stove, the fridge and a few remaining threads of our sanity as we took this room down to the studs. Wait til you see how different it looks now!

The Original Mudroom

We kept nothing here but the walls and a skylight- stripped the wall paper, laid down a new floor, put in a new light fixture.

Former Family Room

We have discovered that one of the biggest challenges most new home owners face is WHERE TO PUT THE TV. How many marriages have been wrecked I wonder when the husband refuses to capitulate to the wife and put it over the fireplace?

Their Dining Room

Everything is gone now except the light fixture. One wall is a soft green and will have birch trees on it. If it ever gets FINISHED. Note to Sexyhusbandomine: Less time arguing with your wife over where the TV goes, more time putting up vinyl wall art please.

Kid's Bathroom:

While a bidet might do much to improve Complicated Boy's personal hygiene, we chose to remove it and replace it with a washer and dryer. His bottom may be less than pristine, but darn it, he will have on clean underwear.

There are other rooms in this wonderful old house that we bought. Rooms where you can do things we have never been able to do in an apartment--like Store Large Christmas Decorations or Have Family Sleep Over and Not Want To Kill Them (Just kidding Dad. We Loved having You. Seriously. A week was not long enough.) There is this thing called a garage where I will be able to put all of Sexyhusbandomine's tools and not have to look at them! And a basement where the cat box can go. But the greatest thing of all is: MY OWN BATHROOM. (Well, really, it's supposed to be Sexyhusbandomine's and mine together but I figure he will use the one out in the garage. Where he will be sleeping if he doesn't stop arguing about where the tv goes.)


Jennifer said...

So cool! Looks like a great house.

Krëg said...

Over the fireplace is the WORST place for a TV:
*You have to make your neck all wonky to look up at it, like a stupid kid on the first row of a movie theater. TVs belong at eye level.
*There is no decent way to hide the wires and cables on a brick fireplace. Period.
*Hanging a flatscreen on a fireplace requires drilling into the mortar between bricks, which is destructive and difficult to patch later. Plus, molly-bolts are required, and once your TV craps out on you (see below) the bolts look like @$$ unless you remove them, which is almost impossible. And your replacement TV will need the bolts in another configuration, which means more drilling.
*Most fireplaces emit minuscule amounts of smoke/gas that doesn't go up the inside of the chimney like it should. They tend to ruin your TV rather quickly.
*Your husband is right to fight you on this point, and just because you saw it somewhere else doesn't mean it was smart or logical, no matter how cool it looked. You should concede this issue to curry favor and win the decision of some other 'important' matter. "Remember when I let you put the TV where you wanted it? No go re-tile the kitchen!"

Nice looking pad.

K is for Krëg.

Nonnee said...

Kreg: Your message was in quotes. Did Kip tell you to say that?

Uh oh, things are heatin up!

Karina said...

Wow, it's like a castle! Congratulations!

Virginia Kraljevic said...

Wowsers! Looks awesome, can't wait to see the after pics!! Congrats! :)

Logical Libby said...

Very jealous of your new house. Not at all jealous of all the work you are doing to make it a home. Can't wait to see the "afters."

Kip said...

Kreg, Kreg, Kreg, Kreg

rpc said...

I hope that you realize that House = SNOW shoveling (as I collapse after clearing the driveway YET AGAIN).

kwr221 said...

love it!
When's the housewarming party and I hope we're all invited! ;-)

realslum: your new house makes mine look like a realslum