Tuesday, January 11, 2011

H is for HOUSE

H is for HOUSE

Houses by Lennymud on Etsy.

So at the ripe old age of...well let's just say much later than expected... Sexyhusbandomine and I are the proud owners of our FIRST HOME. Instead of Mooovin on Up To The East Side, we are Mooovin on out to THE BURBS. To a lovely little town called (stalkers please ready your pencils now) Haddonfield, New Jersey. Which looks like THIS at Christmas:

Instead of THIS covered with a light dusting of grey colored snow:

I consider myself a native of this Island. I have been here since I was 1985 (obviously abandoned as an infant by my parents and forced to fend for my 10 year old self. Do the math people.) and dammit, I LOVE NEW YORK.

New York has been great to me. But It's time to tell New York that we must go our separate ways.

My children want THIS

Sexyhusbandomine wants THIS

And I want THIS

Apron by Craftster

We will move in June. Right now there are renovations to do (it's hard to take a Victorian House and make it look like a loft in Chelsea but dammit if anyone can do it WE can) and I need to learn to drive (my only experience is bumper cars) and packing etc. etc. etc. Not to mention...DECORATING!!

Sampler from Steotch on Etsy.


Krëg said...

Hooray for homeownership! That looks absolutely idyllic.

Here's a little something to get you through this.

Best of luck with your move.

Remember - K is for Krëg.

Blue said...

Nothing witty to add (leave that to Krëg) but I am so happy for you! And GLAD to be one of the privileged who got to experience Loft de Veasey. You'll do fantastic things with the new space, but it'll be less accessible for city visitors to see you :-(

So happy for the kids. You win parents of the year!!! ♥

Jennifer said...

This is so fun! Love that you got a house. I think we need to have an online housewarming party for you in June...

Sheila said...

Well, that is awesome!! Although I feel sad that Chris & I won't get to stop off at the loft on our next NYC visit. But like Blue, I too feel privileged!

But I do not envy the packing. Oh, the packing!! Good luck with that...

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Hilarious post. Good luck with everything. You're doing a good thing, ya know!

Metalicious said...

New York City just told me it will miss you. Then it stole my Ipod.

Logical Libby said...

Welcome to homeownership! Just think, you will now know some much about water heaters and furnace filters you will never run out of things to talk about parties!

Sheila said...

BTW - can we get videos of you learning how to drive? Because that would be some good internet fun!!

kwr221 said...

Nooooooooo, I will be back in the Big Apple again this summer and you won't be there!!!!!!11

kwr221 said...

Heh, I have family in Philly and in Medford.


Let the stalking continue!

WV: phasenj
Phase NJ
coincidence? I think not.

Felicia Kramer said...

Many years ago when I was traveling on business I stumbled upon Haddonfield. I LOVED it! I wish you the best - you'll love it there.

rpc said...

I already know people in Haddonfield! The stalking definitely continues.