Monday, February 14, 2011

M is For...

MANY. Things that I Love. That start with M.

Like...METALICIOUS. My friend Stephanie makes the most incredible jewelry. Visit her shop and spend another of my favorite M things: Money.

Mumford and Sons. Love their Music. This whole album is awesome.

Milk. Without it, cereal would be inedible.

Marionettes. Actually, no. They creep me out. And you couldn't make them do the same sorts of things you had Barbie and Ken do without getting all their strings tangled.

M is for Mimes. When a mime gets arrested, do the police tell him he has the right to remain silent?

M is for Macrame. 2011 is the year that macrame makes a big comeback as people's craft of choice. Because who would not want to learn to make awesomeness like this:

I like meat, milkshakes and marching bands. I like macaroni, mice and markers.

New M word for you to use today: MAHOOSIVE: really, really big.

Happy Monday Chickens. What's your favorite M word?


Jennifer said...

I want you to know I just looked up mahoosive and I am going to try and incorporate in at least one sentence today.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Gosh! If only I had found that Viking Helmet pattern back in the late '70's when I was into macrame! I'm so jealous!

rpc said...

Plus I'm Mind-boggled as to what Barbie and Ken got up to.