Friday, March 04, 2011

S is for Sara's SALE

While I enjoy shopping for others, it is rare that I treat myself to anything special. I buy shoes once every three years, for example, winter coats every five, boots every decade. Sometimes I wait so long to buy something new that the old one comes back in style again. But this winter I totally spoiled myself with an essential piece of winter wardrobe: a really warm, wonderful hat. I purchased my hat from Etsy sellers Rocks and Salt. I met these two fabulous Brooklyn based hat makers- Sara and Phil- at the Union Square Christmas Market and would have purchased said hat even if Phil, who looks a bit like a thinner Harry Hamlin, hadn't told me I looked pretty in it. Actually, now that I think of it, he didn't. Hmmm. If he had I might have bought two. But I digress.

These handmade hats are the warmest, most comfortable, hats you will ever own. Made with fabulous fabrics they are lightweight but so toasty with absolutely zero itch factor.

Another great thing about these is that even if you are old like me, you can feel that you are younger and hipper! Yes--these hats do everything that wine does on a Saturday night but with zero hangover.

Here's the big news: Today- March 4- there is a 40% sale going on in honor of Sara's birthday. So let your fingers do the running right over to their shop to pick up an incredible chapeau or super cool skirt. Your head will thank you!


Sara said...

Everybody loves a birthday sale!

Sheila said...

I want to see what you look like in these -- please, pretty please??!!

BTW - I am a total hat whore, so I'm heading to Sara's site right now. Who cares if it's going to be 80 today in Dallas?

Kr√ęg said...

Those hats make me look gay. said...

No fair using the "O" word.

Does Sara make hats in a light weight? Like for people who are going through chemo. They look ever so much cuter than the usual turban.

Derade=In derade de cops found de kilos. said...

my comment is . .how can I email you? I sell some of your things (& dislike Enesco - sorry) - but I want you to make a book of the alphabet . . .


you can email me at