Thursday, January 19, 2012


I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and submitted three works of art to the local gallery for a show they were doing featuring local artists. I brought The Spawn to the opening night where they sipped sparkling cider in plastic cups while we walked around admiring the portraiture on the walls, and saying things like: "what the hell is that supposed to be?" and "are you kidding me? I wouldn't pay that much for a car!" and "That's evocative."

The experience rubbed off on The Banana, because I returned from work the other day and she greeted me in a little black dress and presented me with tickets to her own art opening--conveniently located on the second floor hallway of Chez Veasey.

THE BEACH : AVALON Annie Veasey $4,000,000

The hallway was filled with various works of art, all carefully hung with scotch tape and labeled with their clever titles and reasonable asking prices.

THE PEACE TREE By Annie Veasey $350,000,000

RANDOM SHAPE By Annie Veasey $45,000,099

I was glad to see that the art exhibition had been so educational for The Banana. She showed an understanding of even the most complicated gallery verbiage:


O I am so proud of my budding Freda Kohl. Or I will be. You know, after I scrape the scotch tape off of the newly painted white walls done in a flat white latex which shows every single fingerprint and hand print made by an artist who did not want to interrupt her creative flow by washing her hands between paintings.

Gosh, I sure hope Random Shape sells so we can afford the clean up.


kwr221 said...

LOVE her (inherited) artistic talent!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have just discovered your work and your site. I am in love with your wall plaque "Many People have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to lead normal, healthy lives" and the colorful border. It appears to be sold out everywhere. Do you have a source for this item or could I order one from you?
Thank you so much,
Karen Likens