Sunday, February 01, 2009


Here at OuR NaMe iS BLoG, we don't give virtual awards. We give REAL TROPHIES--like these two babies.

To date, the only other winner of the Best Freakin Blog Post Evah award has been Thystle for The Hamster Story. Now we have TWO NEW winners! Jane! from Emptying the Nest and BJ from Don't Overthink It.

Jane! wrote a fabulous post about the inauguration, but alas, I did not repost it here in a timely manner--but she is ALWAYS funny, so go visit her site and then check her archives for her take on President Obama bein in da house.

Here is the post which BJ wins for, reprinted without any permission whatsoever.


God, do you people have some strange problems. You made me start smokin the Banana flavored Swisher Sweets again, and I had just grown the hair back on my right arm where I had used a Nicotine patch to quit! But I promised, and you're needy, so I'll try to help you out.

Megan wrote how long can I claim I just moved in when people come over and there are boxes everywhere??

Meg, when you think you've exhausted that one, throw the door open and start screaming 'WE'VE BEEN ROBBED' and that usually works. I've used it for 15 years and so far, so good.....

Miss Thystle,aka Thystlicious, wanted to know how do I cure my husband from tossing his underwear NEXT to the hamper, not in it.......

Well, strap one of these contraptions on him in his sleep, hide the key, and HANG the worst pair you can find from the stick thingey in the front. Once he walks around with those demonic wares dangling in his face, he may just start putting them where you ask him to put them. Or not. But at least take his picture for all of us to see!!

Racie Lover wants to know how do I cure my boss....from pretty much breathing.....

Well RL, since you can't off him or you'd end up in prison with Thystle and LV, go ahead and copy this little picture and put it on all correspondence you have with him. At least you'll feel better. Oh, and get your resume together. And what the hell, take some pictures...

Daddio and Sheila had issues with a certain football matchup and sadly, not the outcome they wanted.

I do have an idea when confronted with the situation of too much
PRE-GAME SMACK talk and then suffering a loss. Wear this to work the next day, mumble alot, and make sure they know you are goin commando underneath and they will most likely leave you alone. Oh, and send pictures.

Last but not least, KWR offered some very good advice for the 'willing to try pretty much anything for beauty' group. You know, most of you. Its a website called, which helps you ladies match the 'drapes to the carpet' if you know what I mean. My familly does not have that problem as we are naturally the same color all over, so you are on your own on that one. Good luck. And don't send pictures.


Bj in Dallas said...

I Love You.

Debbie said...

Yes, they deserve those trophies - suitable for mantels but not for framing. Jane! is one of my bestest blogging buddies and I am thrilled for her. I must meet BJ now.

Kr√ęg said...

How much liquor will those trophies hold?

I think I'm going to quit posting my own blogs, and just copy and paste from others. It seems like it would be so much easier than trying to come up with original content.

jenx67 said...

so funny, but not as funny as those trophies. those things crack-me-up.

blairspage said...

You are awesome Miss Lorrie!

Hugs - Tiff

Megan said...

Bj deserves a trophy based on her picture selection alone... Excellent choices!

Jane! said...

Well, I feel pretty darn totally unworthy next to that blog.... not even mentioning THe Hamster Blog which will live in infamy in my nightmares.

You are too nice, LV!
Thank you from the bottom of my blog just for putting up with me.