Friday, February 13, 2009


Hello Chickens:
I will be TOTALLY UNPLUGGING (and that means no email, no cell phone no blog) through February 23rd. I will be re-aquainting myself with The Spawn and Sexyhusbandomine in a place that serves buffet breakfast and where you must wear sunscreen. I lerves you internets, but you cannot come with.

If you have come here because you are bored, allow me to suggest some other blogs for your reading pleasure until my return:

Shindig Zak enjoys lip balm, ginger lotion, my children, my husband, wine, reality television, BBQ, celebrities, soy chai lattes and pedicures...not necessarily in that order.

Miss Thystle Is. The. Bomb. My all-time favorite blog evah, don't ask me why.

Give me a minute I'll Come Up with something Where in Heck is the Bloggy Box of Goodness?

BJ Started out as my own personal stalker, now has a blog of her own, I am *sniff* so proud.

Racie Lover Stay tuned for more adventures with Sunshine Wheatgrass, yoga instructor.

The Lovely Le Throw another shrimp on the barbie-it's a blog from down under. I don't understand half of what she writes sometimes, but i love when she uses the word wee.

JenX Is a fabulous Jenx blogger and her secret ingredient is the X, which is for excellent (like Bill & Ted would say.)

Spatula An artist. In the basement of her mother's house. In Canada.

Scrappin Jen A Great Gal--and i say that with a Boston accent.

Debbie Angel Mom Captures great beauty in her photographs and moments with her four angel daughters.

TJ Makes me laugh always with a minimum of sentences.

Deb from Suburb Sanity has so many followers and commenters that soon it will be like "Dooce who?" She is the perfect blogger. If she weren't so dern nice I would be jaylous.

David Kramer I used to drink with this man. Now I drink, and he has seltzer with lime.

Kraigg This man is divorced? You're kidding me.

Jane! One of THE BEST written blogs in the blogosphere- I lervesme some Jane!

OK: I am totally getting tired and I am still not packed. Please visit ALL my regular visitors to my blog (some more quick links withy no descriptions are below) because I lerves you all. Don't forget to come back here Feb. 23rd-I will have stuff to say--like "O the sun was hot, the suntan lotion smelled like coconuts, and my goodness that buffet breakfast was quite filling..."

Quick other links

The Smartini girls
Lucky Me!
The Kitchen
Evil Twins Wife
Nadine Hightower
Wonderfully Random

I'm sorry that I left a ton of you off (including God. God has a blog. He doesn't get that many comments though.) Forgive me for my omissions and poor typing. See you in a week!


Miss Thystle said...

of course there is no need to ask why I'm your favorite. One look at my rack and it's like, SO OBVIOUS.

Also, where else do you have Vampire Pirate Ninja's, Cat Sex and pictures of hairy butt cracks? No where but the Thystle Patch, that's where.

PS. I'm beginning to resent all of this time you spend of vacation. First the Gay's and now with the Fam? What are we? Chopped Liver?

PPS. I told God we'd send him a petition for smiting that ear worm Lady GaGa.

PPPS. I actually have nothing else to say, I just like post scripts.

PPPPS. True story, I have only had 4 glasses of wine tonight.

PPPPPPS. I think that was too many P's but anyway, don't forget my birthday is in a few weeks, so I totoally should get to go on the next vacation with you.

Spatula said...

Yeah, what's with all this vacation? Devil has work for idle hands, you know.

Kip said...

A 3 day weekend in November is not a vacation, that was a short trip. this will be a vacation.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Have a great time!

Jen said...

Have a great time Lorrie! I'm totally jealous that you're going somewhere warm. I'll be spending this week cleaning my daughter's room and going to jury duty.

See you when you get back!

Baylee and Blair's page said...

Why can't we go with you on vacation? June is too far away for my beach trip! But, I'm SO LOOKING forward to it! I can't wait for you to get back and tell us all about it! Thanks for including me on your list!

Lerves you right back!
Hugs - Tiff

ZDub said...

Have a great time! And I'm totally jealous!

P.S. Where the F@#% is my Enesco 2009 catalog?!?

LuckyMe said...

I hate you!


I love you!

Thanks for the shout out. And if you insist on abandoning us you better have some good stories when you touch down again.

kristin said...

Why the secrecy? We want to now WHERE you're going.

I'm enroute to St. Kitts.

If I get internet access, I'm blogging. :-)

Have fun.

TJ said...

A shout for me!!!!??? You shouldn't have. No seriously, I can't handle the pressure.

Have a good trip.

Debbie said...

I hope you are having a great time and enjoying the family. I hope you'll come back well-rested and with great blogging stories.

Le said...

yoo hooo happy hols babe - enjoy !! you deserve it :) thanks for the shout out too .... le xoxo

Ruby said...

You didn't even mention adult beverages in this warm locale! I KNOW there will be chilled drinks, will there not?!

kristin said...

My birthday is Saturday, Thystle - we should run off somewhere to celebrate the both of us!

So, do you think Lorrie is afraid we might stalk her on vacation?

I mean, if I found out she was on St. Kitts, too, I totally would. And it kills me to know she was in the same airport like 24 hours before me. ;-)

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

Thanks for the plug. God has a blog. Funny! I wonder if he subscribes to Technorati. I bet his stats are totally transparent. I bet his Alexa traffic is heavenly. hahahahaha!

Enjoy your break!!

Natasha said...

You know I love you but I also hate you....just a little because you didn't put me in your bag and sneak me away...I wouldn't have bothered you, you wouldn't even have to feed me but just left...and so, I hate you (and miss you) Hope you are having an ok time...hahaha

Natasha said...

PS - I'm so glad you connected Spatula and I...I just featured her in an interview on my blog today and she was amazing!! Check it out:

Jane! said...

If my boobs were bigger, I'd be higher up the list, huh?

Next time I'd appreciate a little advance warning on this vacation thing. Long enough to pack my toothbrush and swimsuit, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I did try to leave a comment on God's blog, but it doesn't accept anonymous comments. I can't understand why not, given that omniscience.

Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

Hope you had a great time ( by the time you read this)


Baylee and Blair's page said...

Okay... all I got to say is you betta post early tomorrow because we have MISSED the heck out of you!!!!

Hugs - Tiff

Debra said...


I heart you!