Wednesday, April 22, 2009


FEATURING (in order of appearance)
Jane! (Emptying the Nest)
Jen (JenX67)
Ruth (RPC)
Two friends who made the mistake of moving to the suburbs
Jane! Without glasses- just like superman
My ex-husband
The crowd I ran with in high school
My Very BEST Friend
Amy's adorable boy
Lady at my eyebrow waxing place
Guy who wants to date BJ
Lo and Beaux's Beautiful Little Girls
One of my summer flings
Thystle again cuz I like her so much
Thystle's Boyfriend
Kristen's Darling Daughter
Blue & Her Handsome Hubby
Paco, Racie Lover's pool boy
Random Roman Soldier
Wesley's Mommy
My Boss
Only the greatest blogger in the world since Dooce: Deb
Zak the Slacker
Friend in Washington
Scrappin Jenny
My Homeboy
Evil Twin's Wife
The Toothless Alcoholic
The Smartini Girls
Lucky Me
Sheila and Chris
The Spawn
Girl You Don't Take Home To Momma
My Lovah

If I left you off the list-please don't be sad! This is the first of many tributes to you AWESOME PEOPLE!!! Group Hug.


zakary said...

LOL! That's the best! Kreg would take a picture with his pork!

jen said...

eyes closed*lips stuck way out*arms wide open*bigggggggg huuuuuuuug*

Jennifer said...

You are completely awesome, you know that? Best video ever!

Racie Lover said...

Kudos to you and SHOM for making this epic drama. I will let Paco know he has finally become an International Sex Symbol.

soulmoxie said...

Awesome! and damn. You hung out with some hotties in high school. I knew I should've dropped out of drama club.

Jane! said...

That was very cool. And funny!
Except I am a bit dizzy from scrolling up and down in a fastly manner to match the titles to the pics.
I mean dizziER.
Good job, you guys!

The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

You are the best !! I so need the pedastool (I know I spelled that wrong), where can I order one?

Miss Thystle said...

Wow. I am hot. No wonder you have such a crush on me.

Also, my boyfriend is a horse. Just saying. What? That was not dirty! Stop covering Nonnie's eyes!

Debbie said...

I had to try to be coordinated and do the whole scroll up and down thing too. This was great. Love the ex.
I think I'm going to write down the list and then watch again so I can laugh at the descriptions. But not at Kreg. Because I'm still a little scared of him.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Cute! I meant to get a picture in of me holding my Mud mug or platter, but... didn't have time... sniff, sniff. Sorry! But, I love you too!

sheila said...

This was fun -- and I love the tunes! I love putting faces with names...and I MUST get that pedestal mug as well :)

Debra W said...


You are a very special person. I am so glad to know you.

Big hugs,

tjames said...

Love it!!!

Nadine Hightower said...

WAY Cool!!! Thanks for including little old me.


Nadine Hightower said...

WAY Cool!!! Thanks for including little old me.


Ruby said...

Yay, we made it! Thanks, Lorrie! :)

Whatever your next video is, I'm totally on it. Like yesterday.

(Kreg punishing the pork kind of scares me too...)

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

That was a great idea. I had to open up another window and scroll down the list while I watched the video to see who everyone was. Tell SHOM that was awesome. Thanks you guys.

Anonymous said...

Fun! And lol, love some of the "extra" shots. Wish it came with subtitles, though. It's hard to follow along while scrolling up and down to see who's who. Also wish the video size were a little larger, but what can you do? Thanks for putting this together! :)


Blue said...

I'm so totally famous! Wow. My first Music Video, like, EVAH! This is way beyond exciting!

I'd like to thank the academy, all the nerds who voted for me (ME!!!) and my favorite potter and the SHOH, and my imagination, and the internet, and planet earth and amazing sex, and the rare belly laugh, and that mexican food exists, and good health, and never being able to turn my brain off, and having chocolate available every day, and all humanitarians in the world, and well-written books, and faith, and comedy, and fresh caramel corn with nuts, and my grand piano, and chicken tikka masala and the miracle of flight and good genetics and ...hey, is this thing on? hello?

well, i was just so excited. thanks to you GlorrieGirl for the fabbo vid! made this blue girl's night. ♥

Bj in Dallas said...

I would like to trade you the following:
your wit, creativity, and awesome blog writing


some of my high heels. I'll even throw in a dog.

kwr221 said...

I did the scroll up and down thing, too. I need a bigger screen. Or a split screen.

Whatever - love it! Although I am SO jealous that Thystle got 2 in a row. ;-)

I think you're mistaken because your lovah is my lovah. Just sayin'. I love me some Johnny Depp.

You and SHOY are too funny. And creative.

I am SO coming to NYC without DH so I can stalk you next time.

Will somebody PLEASE tell me how old Kreg is?

rpc said...

Great slide show! To those who are complaining about scrolling up and down, how come you didn't recognize everyone straight off?

Blue said...

FYI: SHOH stands for Sexy Husband Of HoTTness. Yes, with two T's (capitalized T's at that!)

your favorite color

le @ thirdontheright said...

well done clever darling hubbie of yours - thanks ever so much - i feel the lurve :) le xoxo

zakary said...

Kristen-Kreg is 33. Or 34. Or maybe 35.

He's older than me, that's all I know.