Monday, October 05, 2009

THe KReGMaN CoMeTH (f i n a l l y)

Kreg is obviously a man who thinks BIG. I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG. This card arrived from him today:

What better way to show some love for a Mommy Blogger than to send her some big love? This card is over 7 feet long (I am sure Kreg will post the exact dimensions in comments--you know how confused I can sometimes get about exact lengths) and has the words "glitter, glitter, glitter" across his fly-which I know is making my father SO PROUD at this moment. I am posting a link to Kreg's blog here, but please note that it is totally raunchy for mature audiences only and could possibly get you in trouble at work.

So Chickens, here's the deal. I officially declare all this week KREG week. We will take this larger than life Kreg with us to all sorts of exciting places this week. Email me with your suggestions for what to do with Kreg at L V Mud (at) a ol

Best suggestion wins a fabulous ONIM Halloween Item. Suggestions accepted through Wednesday 10/7. Remember to email 'em to me so the surprise isn't ruined if we pick yours.

P.S. No Thystle, I will not do that.


jodi said...

You must take him out to dinner. It is the least you can do for him. Actually maybe you should have a party in his honor.

tjames said...

Kreg Cup!!

Krëg said...

I tried my best to make that thing life sized. It should be roughly 75" from the top of my head to the heel of my boot.

btw, it takes about six days for a Marks-A-Lot marker to fade/wash away from skin. On boxing night, I got quizzed pretty heavily about the faded 500 on my gut.

WV: storteol
Prescription strength Storteol will remove all signs of permanent marker from skin within 48 hours.

Sheila said...

That is one awesome card. Happy Kreg Week --

Miss Thystle said...

you should take Paper Kreg to the Statue of Liberty! Because what is a better way to prove it's awesome to be an american than by making hordes of tourists wonder why you're carrying around a Paper Kreg.

Also, you know what would be kind of awesome? A traveling Paper Kreg. He could go visit other bloggers so the whole COUNTRY can experience his Kregness.

WV: Ramba

Ramba: the feminine version of Rambo.

Blue said...

Dang. Big trumps tasty again!

Kudos to Kreg...sheer brilliance.

WV: toateri
Kreg's card is TOATERI AWESOME!!!

Jen said...

Kreg rocks.

Since you live in New York you could take him so many places! Times Square! Central Park! Tavern On The Green! Even better...I think you should take him down to Rockefeller Center to the Today Show. I would LOVE to see him on TV.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Nicely done Krëg.

Jen said...

Even of the Empire State Building.

Bj in Dallas said...

the subway. see if he can get a date.

Bj in Dallas said...

then a carriage ride in Central Park.

Bj in Dallas said...

then buy him a hot dog on the street and make sure you show the hot dog guy his glitter.

Bj in Dallas said...

is that your kitchen floor?

Bj in Dallas said...

a jewish bachelorette party.

Bj in Dallas said...

did he arrive rolled up in a tube?

Bj in Dallas said...

are the kids now sleeping in your room, because Kreg is in the house?

Nadine Hightower said...

Dammnit!! Everyone else has used all my ideas!!
I like Thystle's idea of a travelin' Kreg...Pimp him out!!

I think your paper Kreg should be posed with some famous person. Not just that naked cowboy dude either. Some one that makes us all go "Damn I wish that was me!"

Sheila said...

Lorrie, you are going to have a hard time choosing just one!!

wv: endevite
What the protest signs at the post office read, because they miss mailing all those real invitations.

ZDub said...

Dayum, that's a whole lotta Kreg.

And it's very badass.

Worth the wait indeed.

jenX said...

this is just too much. that pic of him with his head on backwards is hysterical.

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