Friday, January 22, 2010

THe DoCToR iS iN

When Jack was cutting something with the exacto knife and the point broke off and flew up into his eye, I'd like to point out that it was ME who correctly diagnosed a corneal abrasion, and advised him to seek medical attention.

Likewise, when Candace showed me the back of her throat and I gave her the news that I thought she had Strep, even while I wasn't 100% correct, she still needed antibiotics so it counts.

I can site numerous other examples where my crackerjack diagnostic skills coupled with my love of have led to medical treatments. Of course, for years now I have had the very best of role models...


and let's not forget...

So it's no wonder that I am able to tell you if you are sick. It's just another one of my many superpowers. So feel free to ask my advice on all things medical in the comments below. I'll post my diagnosis on Monday.


OHN said...

Sorry. The prairie doc.....a little creepy.

But...the emergency doc...even when I was a kid I thought he was hot and I didn't even know what hot was.

Now, I have this little thing, over here, now down a little...what is it?

Krëg said...

Ok doc, what is medically wrong with this person?

WV: dicander
I showed her my dicander jaw dropped.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I have that rundown feelin, my head goes a reelin'. I'm nervous, jumpy & on the edge. Is it neuritis, neuralgia, a head cold or stress?
Or maybe its my sinus drainage?

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I'm sick of work and sometimes I just want to ring my coworkers' necks. Should I quit or should I just suck it up? I talked this over with Dr. House, but I didn't really think I could trust his judgment. Plus he had these watery eyes that just kept blinking and staring out into space. And then of course I am walking around with one foot in the air because I'm trying to kick someones ass. Should I just keep both feet on the ground or try to adjust to this routine of hopping?
I look forward to your response, mostly because hopping is really hard to do for long periods of time.

Bj in Dallas said...

I have no OFF switch. Even when I sleep, I am rearranging furniture in public areas,conversing with the sled team because they can talk, or driving a 747 like a car down the street (multiple times), in fact the last time I was driving 'the big bird', I rolled down the window and put my arm out to signal a left hand turn. I find humor in too many things that others would not understand, and actually, if I verbalized everything that goes in and out of my head, I would have been locked up with the huggy jacket a loooonnngggg time ago.

thats why you and I 'get' each other.

btw, the other comments are funny as shit. I think these problems call for advanced diagnosis's or perhaps an exorcism or two.

or a HUGE party where we all meet each other.

WV: rodogief

Her Rodogief had never been quite right, but everyone was afraid to say something to her.

Bj in Dallas said...

ps to Kreg

please tell me that you weren't close enough to that 'thing' to personally be snapping the photo.

I thought I looked rough some mornings.

oh hell yeah, my word is JOYSTRUT

Janice Joystrut was a HO.

BREZZ said...

we'd make a great team :))
dr google is the best teacher i ever had

good luck on your further training and endeavors


eda said...



Bj in Dallas said...

EDA!!! Donde been, chica? Don't come over to my house, I've been fine since I kicked your ass out and invited Michael Jackson back over.

But that didn't turn out well either, did it.

wv: tillym

Tillym I'll be right there