Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yesterday I received an email from a friend that encouraged boycotting the new Mel Gibson movie based on his past transgressions; specifically his antisemitic remarks made following his arrest for drunk driving. The email closed with the statement that Mel Gibson had never apologized for his statements and had shown no remorse for his behavior.

When I receive an email like this one-- cookie cutter diatribe sent to mass lists in people's address books-- I have two tiny characters appear on my shoulders. The Angel on the right whispers in my ear to hit Delete and go back to watching funny puppy videos on YouTube. The tiny red devil on my left jabs me in the eye with his pitchfork until I am compelled to GOOGLE for information that refutes the statement I was sent.

Which I did-and then that same little red devil put the pitchfork into my ear and twisted it inside my brain until I was forced to hit REPLY ALL and to send what I think was the entire congregation of The North Jersey Temple an email with links to Mel's apology in the New York Times.

This is a little like walking into a lion's den holding an entree from Outback Steak House. As possibly the lone Goy, I didn't just stir the pot-I threw the contents in a blender and hit Puree.

Bottom line for me is this:
Hate plus Hate plus Hate equals more Hate.
Hate plus Forgiveness = Love--which is the foundation for ALL religions.
Braveheart = one of my favorite movies evah. Even though I usually do not like movies where people die in the end. There's just something about the way he screams out FREEDOM as he is being deboweled that makes it ok for me.

I'll see a movie for the story it tells. I won't NOT see a movie because someone tells me that I shouldn't for political reasons. Actually, all of this is moot because I won't pay $45 for a babysitter for three hours, $25 for tickets, and $20 for popcorn when I can just wait the three or four months and rent the dern thing and fall asleep in the middle of it in the comfort of my own home.

What can I say? Heck, I am still watching Seinfeld reruns so I guess that's how I roll.


Jennifer said...

Totally agree with you, 150%.

Lin said...

My husband gets a kick out of these types of emails. He'll do the same thing you did just to prove the person that forwarded the message is a moron, ha ha.

And...Seinfeld reruns are awesome!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I was going to watch Braveheart for the first time this weekend and now the ending is spoiled for me. Thanks a lot. Geez.

rpc said...

Why do so many people mindlessly forward Emails? It doesn't matter how many times I point certain people to, they continue to send me rubbish Emails.

I'm boycotting Braveheart purely because I don't like blood and gore.

By the way, did you know that Bill Gates will pay you $10 every time you forward an Email about Braveheart?

WV: imistab - Whatever happened to Tab?

April said...

I am still in love with Mel Gibson no mater how anti-Jew he is. Hollywood is just mad because they're all Jewish. Or "agnostic yet tolerant"....if he said the same thing about Mormons no one would care.

Krëg said...

I quit going to theaters after they insisted I wear pants. Screw that.

WV: stspl
n. - a person with a horrible phobia of vowels.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

I hate when people tell me what to do. I'm more likely to read/watch, etc., something just BECAUSE someone told me I shouldn't. . .I'm rebellious like that. (Also, I don't see movies based on who's in them. . .but that's how I roll. I'm thinking if you limit what you watch to movies with fine, upstanding actors, you'd die having only watched old episodes of Andy Griffith.)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Smart, smart reply! I agree with your logic, and I'd certainly not make decisions just by what someone else told me.

However, I won't go see Mel Gibson's movie because I think he's gone a little bonkers! I used to think he was a wonderful representation of the Christian he purported to be. And although I know that we all fall off the wagon sometimes, Mel has been more OFF the wagon than ON for the last couple of years. I'm afraid I've become quite cynical of Mel and the sincerity of all his apologies. Plus there are so many other good movies out there to see. That's where I'll spend my money.

ZDub said...

I forward those kinds of emails to my sister the lawyer and she debunks them for me.

Jeff's forearms are all over my blog just for you.

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OneCraftyFox said...