Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EXCuSe Of THe WeeK

Happy Tuesday Chickens. I have been thinking that maybe I will just make this whole blog be about all the reasons that I cannot blog, why blogging is a pain in the butt, and why I have nothing to blog about BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON THE INTERNET. Seriously. Don't you have housework you could be doing?

I kid. Sorta.

But the reason why I have not been writing lately is that I am organizing a fantastic event in New York City scheduled to happen this weekend...CRAFTS IN CHELSEA. Over 130 local artisans and craftspeople will gather on 21 st street between 8-9 avenues on Saturday, October 16 to sell their handmade pottery, glass, jewelry, housewares, clothing, children's items, fine art, photography and other delights. Booth fees benefit arts programming in PS 11. The event is co sponsored by Etsy, the largest online retailer of handmade goods.

And let me tell you chickens, those crafters seem all mellow in their birkenstock sandles and patchuli cologne, but you should see what happens to them when they are not pleased with their booth assignment. Seriously: who knew you could threaten someone with a crotchet hook?

In conjunction with this event, a very awesome GIVEAWAY is being offered HERE. Look at some of the goodies you can win just by leaving a comment! And I know how much you like to hear yourself type you like to support local events, so head on over to the NewNew blog and enter today!

The lucky winner of the giveway will get:

Clockwise from left to right 1. Copper Bangles from Nemesis Jewelry, 2. Reversible Flannel and Polar Fleece Cloche from Ellis Design, 3. Silver Earrings from Irene C. Studio, 4. Crystal Flower Earrings from Haru Creations, 5. Pillowcase Tunic from BShorr Handmade Designs, 6. Pink Cupcake Amigurumi Bear from Amigurumi Kingdom, 7. The Janice Headband from MollyMade, 8. Silver and Suede Tag Bracelet from Charms of Faith, 9. Amigurumi Keychain with Trinket Box from AmiTown Creatures, 10. Magnet and Bookmark Set from LuCrafts, 11. Set of Pinup Coasters from Cards in Stitches, 12. I-Phone Case from D.S. Lookin, 13. Copper Lace Earrings from SdVDesigns.

Hurry on over there and enter!!!
For those of you who are local, who I do not have a restraining order against, I hope you will stop by and see me at the event on Saturday!


Blue said...

good luck with your give-away! i hope you have more entries than i did for my round-trip buddy pass give-away yesterday (which was exactly ONE person. Yes, I am awesome!)

of course, this contest has fewer strings than mine did.

Just so you know, I'm doing laundry, scrubbing toilets, vacuuming, and (my personal least-favorite) winterizing the yard today...in-between checking email and blogs. so not just typing over here.

(do you think housework burns calories? was that your secret to success?) ♥

Jennifer said...

Lorrie - You make me wish I lived in New York.

Blue - Housework does burn calories! You have to get something other than a clean house out of all that work, right?!?

persuede said...

You guys have done an amazing job with this! I so wish I could be there -- bummed to miss out -- but have a spot at BK flea. Lately I find myself wishing I could clone myself into multiples. At least one would always be curled up in bed with the cats and the boy until about 3 in the afternoon. The others? At the Crafts in Chelsea supporting my fellow NewNewers and at the Flea selling my little heart out.

kwr221 said...

Damn, I wish I were local. Oh, wait, you said no restraining order. oops.

:::sigh::: I'm not blogging either and I don't even have a wildly creative and exciting career as an excuse either.

I suck.

Kr√ęg said...

Why isn't there ever anything manly at craft shows? Is it because of the "hand made" factor?

Good luck with your event!

Jane! said...

I guess it's been far too long since the spelling police wandered this way...
As for that 20 pounds you lost? I have it and would love to send it back.