Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Well Chickens, to date I have lost TWENTY POUNDS. Twenty whole pounds! Why, that's the same weight as a car tire, or a really big turkey, or a small kareoke machine!

Needless to say, I have been looking a little...ummmm "urban" as of late...what with the pants falling down around the hips and all. So I set off to buy some smaller clothing and discovered a great online shop called Shabby Apple.

One of the first things that attracted me was this:

If they had only included the words FAT BUTTS I would have sent them my first born. You know-the one who helped make the butt fat. Anyhoo, answer three questions (one that asks where the chocolate cake is most likely to go) and find out your body type. It was actually no surprise to find out I was

Fine, fine. I am a cucumber stuck in a pear's body. Here are some dresses Shabby Apple suggested for my figure type:

I love that one-and this one too:

But I ended up getting this:

Which I absolutely love! Soft and comfortable! A dress that looks as good out at the wine bar with friends as it does cleaning up the cat box or doing another menial chore around the house. Basic. Dependable. Comfortable. But the reason I want to tell you chickens about Shabby Apple is because they do something amazing.

When you purchase an item from Shabby Apple, you help to change the lives of women around the world. Shabby Apple shares a percentage of its profits with Unitus, an organization working to bring life-changing micro loans to the world's working poor.

How. Awesome. Is. That!?! My dress arrived with a beautiful tag that described the woman who my purchase had helped, her family, and what her business was (goat milk and mangos). For me, knowing that my purchase did something good made me feel even GOODER!! Then I put my dress on, swirled around and went off to clean the cat box save the world... Feeling like a cucumber.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Congratulations! Love that dress. And I love your description of yourself being "urban".

Kr√ęg said...

None of those dresses look good on me.

Jennifer said...

First off: GOOD. FOR. YOU!!! Losing weight is never easy, it's often a pain in the arse but it's always worth it. You are awesome.

Second: Love that dress. Love the idea behind the website. I'm headed that way right now to see what they suggest for me.

Third: I think Kreg is lying. I'm sure he'd look hot in any of those dresses.

Metalicious said...

Is it bad that reading this made me want to eat chocolate? I think I'm a chocolate bar stuck in a plump-apple-that-ate-a-watermelon's body.

Lin said...

Congratulations on losing weight! I love all of these dresses, totally cute.

OHN said...

I am an apple and they recommended the last dress to me too! I may have to break down and buy the damn thing. (but if we are ever going to the same function---like next September when I come to NYC---we will have to talk first....you know, the 'whole both in the same dress' fiasco scene).

kwr221 said...

You rock! And so do those dresses. Unfortunately, I'm in a cooking class-winetasting-cupcake rut and NOT losing weight. But I'm fun to go out with! :-). So there's that.

kwr221 said...

I would LOVE to look at this site... but nothing is loading ;-(

Sheila said...

I'm a bit late to this party, but: WOO-HOO!!!! Way to go you!! I think that dress is awesome & I may have to order one myself. I'm down 17lbs myself, so maybe we should have some sort of side bet...

Blue said...

so THAT'S where these 20 pounds I've found since we met last year came from! I'm totally blaming you now, m'dear!

I've been a fan of the shabby apple ever since a friend of mine designed a dress that won their design contest. they have great stuff and i'm glad you found it.

i'm also happy that you've lost weight, even tho' I've been finding it right and left (it had to go SOMEWHERE in the universe, right? I mean, matter doesn't just cease to exist.) so what is your secret? how did you go about it? cause i'm kind of in a rut and frustrated. I just went and bought (yet another) size bigger pants yesterday. it has been suggested that instead of clothes shopping, i try gym hopping. but that's certainly not as enjoyable.

I really liked the middle dress with the white waistband...seems like it would diminish my muffintop middle (either that, or it would accentuate it like the crown jewels in a lit display case.), and the overstuffed bumNthigh matter beneath it.

anyway, may you continue to find peace, success and happiness in your pursuits...because you, dear friend, are an example of actively doing good things with the resources you have at hand. you're a hero in my book! ♥

kwr221 said...

I don't seem to fit in either the pear or the apple category.

Maybe they should add "sausage"?